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  1. ChrisSC

    Westone Style UM56 custom sleeves for universal IEMs (REVIEW)

    For the last couple months I have been enjoying these and thought I'd give them some love by dedicating a thread to them.   Here's a link to show you some of the options, etc. (you can also purchase them direct through Westone, which is actually...
  2. ChrisSC

    WTS: twag v2 eclipse wire-perfect for a DIY cable project

    Apparently my puppy likes chewing on cables, and now I can't hear out of the left side of my ear.    Well, with these cables anyway.  I don't have the skills to do such an endeavor, but whoever's clever with soldering should be able to salvage about 46 inches of cable though, terminated in an...
  3. ChrisSC

    wts: ALO International

    Just got around to price dropping and bumping this- holler if interested   Barely used.  I literally haven't even recharged the battery once and it still plays (so its logged 6 hours, maybe?).  Selling it because I picked up an ALO rx-mk3 and I just don't need a DAC/amp all-in-one portable...
  4. ChrisSC


    -price DROP- I sorta forgot that I put this ad out there cuz selling this is low on the priority list. Excellent Pretty-damn-good condition rwak100 for sale.  Its got a couple very light scuffs on it.  You can see 2 white dots on the 2nd pic and might be able to notice a slight scuff on the...
  5. ChrisSC

    sell/trade an ak120 leather case

    Its ugly, and it scratches easily.  But it can be yours!   I like money but I'll also trade it for a mini-to-mini connector.  Preferably, a short one made out of silver.  To keep the vampires at bay.  Let me know if you want the goods, and thanks for looking.   CHris
  6. ChrisSC

    WTS: my dx100

    I've got an Ibasso DX100 that doesn't get much use ever since I got an RWAK100.  The DX100 sounds better (more dynamic, larger soundstage), but RWAK100 is better for my needs (read: portability).  It really is awesome, it just doesn't get the love from me that it deserves so should go to a new...
  7. ChrisSC

    Anyone want to trade their UM Merlins for my Westone ES5s?

    I've had a pair of es5s since September that I am willing to trade straight up for a pair of Merlins.   The shells are slightly scuffed up (very superficial scratches on the faceplates that you can notice, but only if looking for them and in good lighting [doesn't matter because you'll need...