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  1. bloodhawk

    [WTB] AUNE S6 / Topping DX7s / Topping Dx7

    Hey guys, Looking for an Aune S6 or a Topping Dx7s. I'm willing to cover half (or full depending on asking price) of the shipping costs if being shipped from the US. Goes without saying import duty will be my responsibility. Thanks for looking !
  2. bloodhawk

    SOLD Sennheiser HD800S Cable (4Pin XLR and 1/4" - Black)

    Hey guys, I have extra HD800S Balanced (4Pin XLR) and SE (1/4") cables that have been sitting on the side for a while now, and im pretty sure i wont be using them. Pictures - Asking - $ 125 Shipped (Including fees) for the XLR $ 50 Shipped...
  3. bloodhawk

    WTB: LittleDot MKII / MKIII / Bottlehead Crack (wSpeedball)

    Heya! Looking to buy either of these, in good condition and preferably with extra tubes that extend the low end a bit. Located in LA, so preferably from the CONUS. I dont post here often, so pretty much a lurker, but can provide sources of feedback.
  4. bloodhawk

    Need feedback on Nu-Force NE-6 and Image S4

    I was wondering how these 2 fair on the basis of Bass reproduction?? I already have a Denon C751 .... to be honest im not exactly satisfied with the Bass ..yes its clear but not exactly punchy .... which is what i actually like... My preference is basically Awesome Bass (no matter what)...
  5. bloodhawk

    Which Portable Amp? Totally confused....

    Guys im like seriously confused in selecting a better portable amp.... First of all i dont know which all audio brands are available ... Secondly i have a budget of max 150 $'s shipped... I already have the E5 ....and have just received the Denon AH-C751's (Which i haven't tried as yet...