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  1. LiqTenExp

    ALO Audio MKII w/box

    Hello,   I am selling my ALO Audio MKII. It come with the unit, charger, 3 ALO Audio straps (1 new), and the original box. The unit is in very good condition free any dings/dents/major scratches but some of the text has worn off on the front and small amount on the back. The unit was...
  2. LiqTenExp

    Yulong D100

    Looking to sell a Yulong D100 ASRC DAC/Headphone amp. Unit is in good condition and full working order. There are slight discolorations on top cover from headphone stand and front/rear panels show signs of normal use (light surface scratches). Looking for 225 OBO. Shipping to CONUS only.
  3. LiqTenExp

    LCD-2 Rev 1 w/travel case

    Looking to sell a pair of LCD-2 Rev 1. They are in very good condition and come with the travel case and stock cables. Sound great and trying to move them for a friend.   Will ship to CONUS only.   Thanks for looking!
  4. LiqTenExp

    FS: Audeze LCD-2 Rev1 with travel case and your choice of 3 cables (portable1/8", q cables balanced, Norse single ended)

    Hello,   I am selling my Audeze LCD-2 Rev1 headphones.  I have lost some interest in the high end headphone world and would like to sell them to someone who will use them more often.  These sound great and have 0 issues. They are the Rev1 with plastic blocks.  I have the plastic travel case...
  5. LiqTenExp

    FS: Ray Samuels Audio (RSA) P-51 Mustang Portable Headphone Amp

    Hey,   I am selling my RSA P-51 Mustang Portable Headphone Amp.  I bought received it in April directly from RSA.  I am the first/only owner.  I am selling it due to lack of use.  It is in great condition and operates like new.  Included are all the original packaging and parts including the...
  6. LiqTenExp

    NY Area Meet, November 12, 2011 Impression Thread

    Great showing today.  Pictures to come shortly.   Thanks to all the vendors that showed up and all the vendors/individuals who contributed to the auction.                                        ...
  7. LiqTenExp

    Audio-gd NFB-10SE Thread

    Hey,   I just received my Audio-gd NFB-10SE today in the mail.  It arrived via DHL safely and without a scratch.  Build quality is better than my NFB-12.  It is a nice looking, well put together piece of equipment.   Here are some pictures:   Device Driver Installation    ...
  8. LiqTenExp

    Sennheiser HD650 with all accessories and box, great condition!

    Hey,   I am selling a pair of HD650 will all original accessories and box.  They come with the manual, 1/4" to 1/8" adapter, and box.  The headphones show no signs of wear including the headband.  The box has a couple light dings in it but nothing that even scratched or ripped the outside...
  9. LiqTenExp

    Beyer Dynamics DT990 600 ohm

    Hey,   I have for sale a very clean pair of Beyer DT990 600 ohm headphones.  They are in great condition and come with the adapter to 1/4" and the case as shown.   I have had them for less than a year.  Price includes shipping CONUS USPS Priority.  Buyer adds Paypal.   Was 220, 210...
  10. LiqTenExp

    FS: Woo Audio (wooaudio) WA22

    Here is your chance to pick up some of the best gear from Woo Audio.  I am helping to sell this amp for a friend and you will see I have very positive feedback here and can also look at my eBay feed back (LiqTenExp1) for additional references.  I will take cash, check, or Paypal for this unit...
  11. LiqTenExp

    WTB: Ultrasone PRO900

    Hey,   I am looking for a pair of Ultrasone PRO900.  Condition must be close to 9/10 for the headphones.  Would prefer if they came with the case also!   Thanks,   Brad    
  12. LiqTenExp

    Musical Fidelity X-Can V8

    I am selling my Musical Fidelity X-Can V8.  This amplifier is a hybrid with tubes for the preamp stage and solid state output.  It has the built DAC and can also except RCA inputs.  It has a source selector switch on the front to toggle back and forth between those two inputs.  The amp has two...
  13. LiqTenExp

    Vandersteen 3a with stands

    I have a pair of Vandersteen 3A in oak for sale. They sound great but I just don't have the room for them any longer. They come complete with speaker stands/spike set. I have the complete original boxes.   There is only wear on the wood underneath from installation of the stand/spikes. There...
  14. LiqTenExp

    Jolida 502A Integrated Stereo Amp 60 Wpc

    This Jolida 502A is in great condition and has no scratches on the top, front, back, bottom, right hand side. Theres a tiny flaw of the paint the left side towards the bottom but it was touched up by the previous owner and I never noticed it till inspecting it now.   It has Groove Tube 6550...
  15. LiqTenExp

    Ultrasone HFI-780

    Hi,   I am selling my 1.5 month old Ultrasone HFI-780 headphones.  They are in great shape and I give them a 9/10.  Even the aluminum end caps are in great shape on these.  I tried to capture that in some of the following pictures.     They will come with all the accessories that came...
  16. LiqTenExp

    FS: Wadia 170i Transport iPod Dock (Silver)

    Hello,   I have a lightly used (just for a few months) Wadia 170i Transport iPod dock for sale.  It was only used at work and I have been travelling so much it doesn't get used, lol.  It is silver in color.   It comes with the dock, 4 dock adapters, remote, and power cable/supply.  Unit...
  17. LiqTenExp

    Looking for another Beyer DT990 sounding can but less than 100 ohms (aka better suited for SS amp)

    Hey,   I am looking for a set of headphones to rock out at work with and I have a SS amp there (Music Fidelity X-Can V8).  I can barely drive the Beyers (DT990 600 ohm)  and find myself at 3/4 or so volume when I'm enjoying them.   I am a big fan of the in your face fun sound they have...
  18. LiqTenExp

    Sonic Integrity Hybrid Integrated Tube Amp with Speakers and accessories

    Hey,   I have for sale Sonic Integrity Hybrid Tube amp and Speakers with accessories.  The condition is 8/10.  It includes banana jack speaker wires, power plug, manual, pair of white gloves.  It also comes with the stock tubes.  The unit has around 60 hours on it in total.   The unit...
  19. LiqTenExp

    FS: Grado RS2

    Hi,   I am selling my Grado RS2.  They are in very good condition and are in proper working order.  Ear pads are in great shape and so is the cabling.  No nicks in the wood or scratches anywhere.         SOLD: Price $320, now 300 +shipping CONUS only.  I have only...
  20. LiqTenExp

    Anyone ever order from BLT (Bottom Line Communications)

    They have an excellent price on a Music Hall MMF-2.2 table.   I looked around and they have good ratings on google.  they also have a facebook page and twitter page   Take a look at the link:  ...
  21. LiqTenExp

    WTB: Little Dot DAC_I

    Like the title says I am looking for a 8.5/10 or higher quality LD DAC_I for sale here in the USA.
  22. LiqTenExp

    WTB: Little Dot MKIII in CONUS

    Hello,   I am looking for LNIB LD MKIII.  Mods are ok but prefer stock.   Post here or PM me if you have one you'd like to sell.   Thanks!