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    [FS] Balanced HD650 Cable and XLR interconnects

    For sale are two cables. Reason for selling is that I purchased them for a balanced setup which never materialized. The first is a stock HD650 which has been modified with neutrik connectors to create an adapter so that it can be used in a balanced or single ended system. Length is a little less...
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    [FS] AMB M^3 Desktop Amp (M3)

    For sale is an AMB M3, originally built and purchased from this dude:³.595646/ Amp is in pristine condition aside from photogenic dust. It sounds as good as it did when I first got it. Check out the above thread for info as I don't science or engineer. I'm...
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    Where to repair Cambridge 840c?

    I have a Cambridge Audio 840c which is acting up and isn't playing audio out of its unbalanced outputs. I'm looking to send it in somewhere, but as CA is located in the UK and since I bought the cdp used here on the forums, I have no idea where to go. Does anyone know where I could get my cdp...
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    Help me find something that sounds kinda, sorta, but not really like a Senn HD 650 for around $100

    A friend of mine is taking his first baby steps into the world of hifi and is looking for closed headphones around $100. I let him listen to my HD650 and markl'ed D2000 out of his ipod (an underpowered source but also the source that he is going to primarily use) and he decided, across the...
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    I'm looking for something to help me get bit perfect optical or coax output from my laptop's usb port. I'm open to any offers that can help me out with this (trends ud-10, edirol ua-1ex, etc.) as long as it is in good working condition.
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    SOLD: MHDT Paradisea+ (USB Version)

    Up for sale is my paradisea+. It was bought second hand from Svperstar who I believe only had it for 3 or so months before he had to let go of it and now I too must do the same. I bought around late december/early january this year. It is still in great condition, in mostly the same condition it...
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    Anthony bought a DT770 from me. His payment was fast, communicated well, and was generally a good guy to deal with. I would not hesitate to do business with him again.
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    For sale is a Headamp Gilmore Lite w/standard wall wart. It is in pristine condition and has been babied as my main and only amp. My only reason for selling this is to fund an upgrade from another headfier. Originally purchased from Headamp on 01/28/07, I'm not really sure how many hours are on...
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    FS DT770 250 W/ LEATHER PADS

    In order to recover/fund a purchase from another headfier, for sale is a dt770 pro 250 ohm version. I believe is the pre 2005 version. I purchased it a while ago from Towert7 who also got it used. The cans are in the same condition I received them (fully functional, no flaws except for some...
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    WTB Senn PX100 or Beyer DT770/80

    I'm looking to buy a Beyer DT770/80 or a PX100. I want this as a low cost gift for my roommate--I'll either give him the PX100 or sell him my DT770/250 for a way discounted price and have a 770/80 for myself (I'd like to try the 80 ohm version). Anyway, shoot me any offers via pm. Thanks for...
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    WTB Mhdt Labs Paradisea+

    The title says it all. PM me if you are looking to sell.
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    GS-1 v v Ultra MicroAmp

    I'm thinking about upgrading from my gilmore lite and was initially only considering a GS-1 until I found out about the nre ultra micro line. I currently use a 2006 micro dac and dig the sound coming out of my micro+gilmore. What I was wondering was if anyone has heard the ultra micro amp and...
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    Help with finding some solid, closed phones

    I've got a pair of Sennheiser HD650's and am completely and utterly in love with their sound. I've never been so completely satisfied and happy about an electronics purchase before these. Unfortunately, I will be going to college soon and will most likely need to pick up a new pair of phones for...
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    KS streaming with an AV710

    I have a Chaintech AV710 and a Gilmore Lite. I've been trying over the past couple days to get kernel streaming to work with foobar but I keep getting this error message "Unrecoverable playback error: KS output error: error opening device" I'm pretty sure I have the latest drivers for the...
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    please list any transaction info/details
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    Driving an HD650 with Gilmore Lite/soundcard

    I have a problem right now because I just jumped on a deal for a pair of HD650's and realized that I probably won't have enough enough money to get a proper dac/amp setup for my computer. Right now, I can only afford spending somewhere around 450, and, after researching a bit on the forums, I...
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    FS: Sennheiser HD595

    I'm selling my HD595's. They are in great condition and have seen around 150-200 hours of use. I want to sell them because I decided that I wanted to upgrade to a set of HD650's and a new amp. The package will come in the original box (but with my own padding because I threw away the plastic...