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  1. kykeon

    HD598 vs DT990 for FiiO X1

    Anybody tried DT990 32Ohm with FiiO X1?   I have hope that it will be a good combination, unfortunately I can find only online shops with DT990 and I do not have a chance to test it….   On the contrary it seems to me that HD598 was not designed for such a source, Not only the audio result...
  2. kykeon

    HD598 vs DT990 for FiiO X1

    Hello and many thanks for the forum posts! I've been reading some time and I have received good help.   Now it's time to say hi and ask one question.   I would like to buy a set of open over the ears headphones to be used with Fiio X1 without amp   I'm currently using it with shure se215...
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