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  1. Kataklystik

    Bought K171 today: First impressions

    Today I went to give the AKG K171 a try. In the shop they had a used pair and I tried it and it was really comfortable. I also liked the sound directly from my Zen so I bought them. Now I got mine here at home and they really are quite nice. There still is strong clamping force but I now that...
  2. Kataklystik

    New portable headphones: K171 hard to drive?

    Now that I have a cable issue with my E2C I thought about buying some new portable headphones in the future. I don't have/want an amp, it's just too much of a hassle to carry around. I don't want inears again because I think that bigger headphones provide better sound for the money. I looked...
  3. Kataklystik

    Bajofondo's new CD: Mardulce

    Yesterday I got Bajofondo's new album Mardulce which my Uruguayan grandmother sent me. I'm on my second listen and I really think it's great and worth a try if you like either Electronic music oder Tango or both. Bajofondo is a group of South American artists and their music could be described...
  4. Kataklystik

    Headphone stand

    I would like to get a headphone stand. Maybe one for two headphones because I'll be getting a second pair of headphones by the end of the year. I use the cradle I got with my K701 but I don't like it because it's somehow difficult to get them in the intended position with the cable etc. Does...
  5. Kataklystik

    Cantate's DAC

    I've picked up a Darkvoice 332 and a Super USB DAC from diykits. This cost me about 450€ and now that I saw the Cantate at Jan Meier's homepage for 450€(i live in EU) I wonder how the Cantate's bulit-in DAC would compare to the super pro USB DAC. Was it a bad idea to get the DV332+SuperDAC and...
  6. Kataklystik

    Linux and Super Pro USB DAC

    Anyone know if the Super Pro USB DAC will work with Linux? Is it just plug-and-play or do I need special drivers? On the website there's nothing mentioned concerning drivers.
  7. Kataklystik

    Super Pro USB DAC or Fubar II?

    As there isn't a real big difference in price I wonder which one I should get. Super Pro: Fubar II: Feel free to recommend other USB DAC's within that price range. It's going to...
  8. Kataklystik

    Sound card/Portable player => DarkVoice 336i

    I plan to get the DarkVoice 336i since I heard it works well with K 701, HD 650 and DT990 and I'm going to get one of these (going to try them on Saturday). So what I wanted to know is if I could just use a cable or an adapter to get the 3,5mm out of my sound card or my Zen Vision:M to the dual...
  9. Kataklystik

    Amp for metal with HD650

    Can someone recommend me an amp for the Sennheiser HD650 that sounds good with metal(thrash death and black metal) but without limiting it to that style of music?(I also like classic hard rock, tango, nu tango and classical music) I dont want the bass to be to dominant but I want a powerful...
  10. Kataklystik

    Some questions concerning the K 701

    Hello, as this is my first post in this forum I want to start by introducing myself. I am 17 years old and I'm Austrian, I listen to mainly metal(thrash death and black metal), rock, tango (also nu tango) and sometimes classical music. So here are my questions: I have 400-500€ which I could...