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  1. gstjohn

    Sony XBA-Z5 Hybrid IEM

    SONY XBA-Z5 for sale. First owner, phones are in good shape after barely used for months. There're only a few scratches, you can see from the picture. I've lost the leather carrying case, the IEM will come with only retail box + a set of sony sleeves. Though you can still easily buy sets of sony...
  2. gstjohn

    Sennheiser HDVD 800 DAC Amplifier

    Up for sale is a Sennheiser HDVD 800. It is in superb condition with original box and driver DVD. I received this amp from one of my friends, it has been sitting in smoke and pets free environment for a few weeks of use. This is a good DAC/AMP for an one-stop setup, sound is very neutral...
  3. gstjohn

    FS: STAX SR-404LE Limited

    Selling my STAX sr-404le. These are beautiful piece of gear made by stax, there is not much I need to introduce here. Bought because I love the way they look, but ended up sitting on the stand without being used much. 404LE is a good choice for who don't want to spend much on headphone...
  4. gstjohn

    SONY SCD 777ES CD/SACD player

    For sale is my beloved sony scd-777es sacd player. New retail price was $3500. It is mostly the same design as the flagship scd-1 but without XLR outputs.   I've been using it till now, very good unit for sacd playing, even better when used as CD transport. Hard to let it go but I need funds...
  5. gstjohn

    FS: Westone UM2, Ultimate Ears Super Fi. 5 pro

    I found I just don't use them very often, so these are up for sale.   UM2: Like new condition with original packaging   $OLD SF5p: Good condition, but the cable turned green. Come with themselves These thing are old so I don't know how much should I price them, send me a offer if...
  6. gstjohn

    FS: Audio Technica ATH-CK100 IEM

    For sale is a pair of ATH-CK100, bought 7 month ago from another head-fier. I didn't use them much so the condition is still very good. I'm showing the old pics fronm the original seller here, since the shape keeped the same. PM if interested and I will take more pictures later.   origin...
  7. gstjohn

    WTB: Headamp Gilmore Solid-State Electrostatic Amp (KGSS)

    I'm looking for a Headamp KGSS. If you have one for sale please PM me with the price and condition.   Thanks!
  8. gstjohn

    FS: Denon AH-A100 Limited Headphones (100th Anniversary)

    Got these few weeks ago from here. They're excellent portable headphones, But I found myself doesn't use them very often. So if anyone was interested in these phones, I would like to let them go. Feel free to PM me for any specific question.   asking for $old + shipping. Thanks for looking!
  9. gstjohn

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT1350

    Quote: Most of the time I just use IEMs outside. btw I've got a denon A100 recently.
  10. gstjohn

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT1350

    Quote:   Just found myself didn't use them very often .
  11. gstjohn

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT1350

    Selling a pair of beyerdynamic DT1350. I'm the original order, they are 4 mouths old. All accessories and paperworks are included in original box. They're basically in like-new condition, but a tiny wear on right cup (see picture).   Asking for $SOLD shipped in CONUS. I accept Paypal only...
  12. gstjohn

    ETYMOTIC ER-4P with ER4-24 cable PRICE DROP

    For sell is a pair of etymotic ER4P IEMs. I bought them one year ago and I'm the first owner. I haven't got much use on them, so these are in like-new condition. I'd like to sell them together with a ER4-24 cable that converts ER4P to ER4S, brand new prace is $49 on ety's webpage. It includes...
  13. gstjohn

    About HA 5000

    It's always that expensive, if someone can find a cheaper place to buy it I will also be interested.
  14. gstjohn

    Help me deciding: Sennheiser MX470 vs MX760

    The sound of mx760 is very natural and smooth. Never tried the mx470s, but once I heared mx580 that was too muddy for me.
  15. gstjohn

    Portable Headphones for Rock/Electronica/Hip-Hop/Pop - MS400 vs TMA-1 vs ESW9

    I had a pair of ESW9 before. Um......everything was just ok without the fragile joints :(
  16. gstjohn

    Very old Shure E5c

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