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    Sony MDR-7506 repair? Never done this.

    So the left side of my 7506's went out suddenly and no jiggling or anything fixes it. I decided I wanted to try my hand at repairing them so I ordered and received a soldering kit, which I've never used before. Can anyone offer me any advice on taking them apart and fixing them? And links to...
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    Please post feedback for me here, thanks!
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    Opera recommendations?

    I've been loving Pavarotti's "Nessun Dorma" lately and it's because of that Paul Potts guy from that British talent show (do a YouTube search) and would love some ideas for other similar stuff. Thanks!
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    Macbook audio out messed up?

    Hey, my Macbook audio works fine when I hav e headphones in, but when I pull the plug out the audio does not come thru the speakers and the volume button shows a speaker with a slash thru it. Also there is a red light in the plug port. Weird.
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    AiAiAi Swirl Earphones

    Has anyone seen or heard these AiAiAi Swirl Earphones yet? They look incredibly cool, and more importantly - tough. I can't really find any reviews online from anyone that's actually HEARD them.
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    Good phones / in-ears for running?

    I've been doing a lot of running lately and I need some headphones for my iPod that can stand the sweat, won't cover my ears (too hot), and will play louder than most. And I need them to cost very little. Any suggestions?