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  1. Alcia

    how many of you guys cook???

    Again, no pics. I didn't think of it at the time. For lunch today I made a parmasean and romano cheese rice with some peas, and a piece of tuna, seasoned with lemon pepper and cooked in olive oil and red peppers. all topped with a dabble of soy sauce.
  2. Alcia

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Same audio setup. New laptop!
  3. Alcia

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

    Merry Christmas! The X3 is quite beautiful.
  4. Alcia

    Post your desktop!

    Quote: I know. But it didn't really bother me so wasn't worth the effort.
  5. Alcia

    Questions about Inception

    Quote: This. Minus the dog food part. Also, is it just me or is a spinning top a horribly poor choice for a totem of which only you can tell? Especially if the only way to tell is by spinning it?  
  6. Alcia

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

      My old portable rig. Will upload pics of the new one when I get the last few items.
  7. Alcia

    Standard of cheating depressingly low in undergraduates

    As a college student aiming for a degree in Computer Engineering, I can't say how useful cheating would be for myself overall. I can say I've never cheated yet in my academics thus far, and have constently scored 85% or above. I can honestly also say I have learned far more experimenting in...
  8. Alcia

    Another FiiO E9 Amplifier Review

    Quote: Yeah, the correct thing is that the next production batch will have the white mark. Anything left from the first will lack this.
  9. Alcia

    FiiO E9 Review

    Really, they're both stereo inputs you can buy a cable that goes from one to the other for, however, it's still a hassle when everything in my setup is RCA based to then have to go buy a cable for it. But eh. I'll fix it myself eventually. I like tweaking things...
  10. Alcia


    Seriously, I love honest A/Bing of any sort of system of the high end with the so called low end. Really, I'm sure more is actually psychoacoustics than we'd like to admit. (says the person who distinctly head differences with tubes in my dad's speaker system. and when he upgraded to a higher...
  11. Alcia

    FiiO E9 Review

    I happen to agree I'd prefer less lights and would love an option to disable the charging light in the options menu. RCA inputs would be awesome... I'm sure I could probably DIY something up though...
  12. Alcia

    What Speakers Do You Own?

    Besides my Swan M10's, Polk Audio M10 and old Optimus, Klipsch LaScala  Magnepan MMG
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  15. Alcia

    Sexiest headphones you own

    Looks are nice. But secondary. But when you think Grado's are freaking beautiful, you might have a problem, like me... Also, here be dragons.
  16. Alcia

    Sexiest headphones you own

    The effects of long term heavy duty psychoacoustics and attempted treatment of such?
  17. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

    Yeah. Certainly, I just join in to have a little fun. All the power to them if that's what one likes. Go with it! Besides, one could just raise the age old question, what is beauty.
  18. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

    Head Fi. Where people pay you to make headphones a gaudy green and purple.
  19. Alcia

    Sexiest headphones you own

    Anything Grado is a retro sexy can. Period.   Quote:
  20. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

      Quote: The purple here looks far closer, what really makes it not look right to the AD700 is the lack of that metallic reflectivity. But the champagne definitely needs to be lighter. Still, good effort, and still is pretty cool.
  21. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

    Quote: Also, the 8 appears to have been edited into a 3. Tiny detail, but eh.
  22. Alcia

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Wel I've been playing around with a camera so here goes. My unremarkable budget setup.     The table is glass and thus, impossible to keep clean. Hence me not doing a higher angled picture
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    [No title]

    K701, E7/E9 & M10...
  24. Alcia

    YAY! I finished painting my Grados (Purple Talking Dinosaur Style)

    This isn't bad, aesthetically. Though if going for the AD700 look, the purple needs to be a little darker and the gold a little lighter. Just imo.   Quote:
  25. Alcia

    Why did you choose your username?

      Quote: Nope, we just ran really long wires between all our friends houses. Sure the signal was lost a lot, but hey, we didn't have to lug our old mainframes around!