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  1. LiqTenExp

    ALO Audio MKII w/box

    Hello,   I am selling my ALO Audio MKII. It come with the unit, charger, 3 ALO Audio straps (1 new), and the original box. The unit is in very good condition free any dings/dents/major scratches but some of the text has worn off on the front and small amount on the back. The unit was...
  2. LiqTenExp

    Yulong D100

    Looking to sell a Yulong D100 ASRC DAC/Headphone amp. Unit is in good condition and full working order. There are slight discolorations on top cover from headphone stand and front/rear panels show signs of normal use (light surface scratches). Looking for 225 OBO. Shipping to CONUS only.
  3. LiqTenExp

    LCD-2 Rev 1 w/travel case

    Looking to sell a pair of LCD-2 Rev 1. They are in very good condition and come with the travel case and stock cables. Sound great and trying to move them for a friend.   Will ship to CONUS only.   Thanks for looking!
  4. LiqTenExp

    New info: Musical Paradise MP-301 MK2

    I enjoy them very much out of it. The stock power tubes are fine but I suggest upgrading the driver tubes to something else (to your preferred sound). I went with the KT88 power tubes for firm bold bottom end that your normally get with KT88.
  5. LiqTenExp

    New info: Musical Paradise MP-301 MK2

    I have my 2013 Deluxe and I am loving it. Plenty of power, no noise issues to report with all my full size headphones. I have upgraded the tubes and am running KT88 with some Slyvania 6SJ7GT (thanks Rob). I am impressed with it for the money. It looks well built and sounds pretty good. The dual...
  6. LiqTenExp

    New info: Musical Paradise MP-301 MK2

    still hoping they will ship the 2013 Deluxe version shortly...
  7. LiqTenExp

    FS: Audeze LCD-2 Rev1 with travel case and your choice of 3 cables (portable1/8", q cables balanced, Norse single ended)

    Hello,   I am selling my Audeze LCD-2 Rev1 headphones.  I have lost some interest in the high end headphone world and would like to sell them to someone who will use them more often.  These sound great and have 0 issues. They are the Rev1 with plastic blocks.  I have the plastic travel case...
  8. LiqTenExp

    Tube Collection Sale, NOS in like new condition, you must check this out!

    Name your PRICE!!!!   I don't want these to sit any longer.  Name a reasonable price and I will ship them out to you this week!   I just went through an knocked some more off the prices above, especially the pairs!
  9. LiqTenExp

    Audio-gd NFB-10SE Thread

    Are you talking hardware differences or ?   10SE has a full digital control interface and screen vs. 10WM with push button and pot volume control 10SE has digital relay controlled volume vs 10WM which has a potentiometer volume control 10SE allows you to select through 9 different DAC...
  10. LiqTenExp

    FS: Little Dot MKVI+ (LD MKVI+)

    Any interest in the amp?
  11. LiqTenExp

    Little Dot MK VI / Little Dot MK VIII SE Owners Unite

    I would suggest the Lyr from personal experience if you plan on using unbalanced 1/4" (or 1/8").  If you plan on going with a full balanced setup I would suggest the LD MKVI+   My current setup has a source thats balanced and I would up enjoying the LD over the Lyr with my LCD-2 Rev1
  12. LiqTenExp

    FS: Ray Samuels Audio (RSA) P-51 Mustang Portable Headphone Amp

    Hey,   I am selling my RSA P-51 Mustang Portable Headphone Amp.  I bought received it in April directly from RSA.  I am the first/only owner.  I am selling it due to lack of use.  It is in great condition and operates like new.  Included are all the original packaging and parts including the...