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    FS: Maverick Audio A1 (With Factory Matched Raytheons + Tung Sols + JAN5670s!)

    Year old Maverick Audio A1, with the Raytheon matched tube upgrade, in like new condition cosmetically, and sound-wise. $225 + shipping CONUS. My camera recently broke, but if you require pictures, I can borrow a friends in the next few days and take some if need be, though as I mentioned there...
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    Tweaked Maverick Audio D1 [PRICE DROP]

    I'd like to sell my Maverick Audio D1 unit, I am the original owner, bought in late 2009, and I believe it is the second (not third) revision. I have all the original cables, and packaging material which I will include with sale. It is in very good condition, and with it I will include an...
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    FLAC ?

    M4A is the file container for the ALAC format. Quote:   On the subject of what format to go with - go FLAC all the way. Unless, you absolutely must use itunes. There are other great players out there that can take advantage of FLAC (a superior format) as opposed to being stuck with...
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    WTB:: ATH M50 ///PURCHASED///

    If your still interested, I just bought a pair brand new from here: I needed a pair of closed, portable cans ASAP and these fit the bill perfectly.   Theres a coupon code you can use that takes 10% off...
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    I too have demo'd some McIntosh integrated amps, and though I was floored by what they did with speakers, I wasn't very impressed with the headphone outs. I couldn't tell you exact model #s with any certainty but they were relatively recent models i'd say. sp70.
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    Maverick D1 for headphone

    I tend to agree and disgree with you. I thought the headphone out of the D1 was a little bass shy and bright, but with a (cheap) OPAMP swap it changes alot. Though, the tube output of the Mav with a good tube like the upgrade GE or the WE396a vastly improves its SQ. I think the mav would be a...
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    Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 (Hybrid Amp) - Discussion and Review Thread

    Update: Just added _Spanky_'s review. sp70.
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    Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 (Hybrid Amp) - Discussion and Review Thread

    My review is now up, at the beginning of the thread. Hope this answers some questions! sp70.
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    Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 (Hybrid Amp) - Discussion and Review Thread

    Just added _Spanky_'s pictures to the thread. Lots of great shots now. I'll be posting my in-depth review later this week, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it. sp70.
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    SOLD: Super tiny Apricorn Aegis External USB Hard Drive

    For sale is an Apricorn Aegis 2.5 portable external USB 250GB hard drive in great condition with the original box, manuals, and accessories. I originally bought this a few months ago so I could carry a small backup with me with my laptop, but soon my storage needs outgrew the size of this HD...
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    Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1/A1 vs Little Dot MkIII

    I'd wait then, seeing as the A1 is not yet out. Theres no telling how it will stack up between the MKIII, in a few weeks though there should be some reviews up. Lastly, if you want to drive speakers, then the A1 is the only way to go. sp70. Quote:
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    Bought a guitar from him. It arrived promptly and very well packaged. :) Definitely a very nice guy and a recommended buyer. A++ sp70.
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    Test: "Original" vs. "2002 128kbps mp3" vs. "2010 128kbps mp3"

    Eucariote:   My results were completely different. I got the lossless vs everything else right, but mixed the two 128kbps up. To my ears, there was a huge difference between the lossless and the other two, but both the 128s sounded quite similar to me. In other words, 128 is still 128. ;) sp70.
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    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    At the bottom of the page it says: "Now we are burning both our USBface and hiFace, once we finished burn in, we will compare their sound level.  If our USBface sound worst, we will kill it."   Sounds right to me. ;) Hopefully they are onto something though. sp70.
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    Maverick Audio DAC/Amp

    Thats a great lookin' mod reiserFS! You'll have to post a how-to guide sometime. Hows the heat distribution on it? sp70.
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    Anyone ever see one of these?

    Saw it on ebay, thought it was a great idea - I just wonder about the sound quality. Anybody already buy one? Wish the shipping wasn't so high...  ...
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    SOLD: Harman Kardon AVR-144 5.1 Surround Receiver

    Bump! Come on, great price for a great amp, you couldn't find one of these for cheaper!
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    Steely Dan's "Aja" being re-released on SACD July 6

    I wish I could find where I read it, but I heard it was no good - i'll try and find it again. Also, I am way too excited about this release, probably my favorite album, getting released in its full 24/96 glory. sp70. Quote: ...Definitely waiting for that price to come down though. ;)