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  1. jeremyrp

    SOLD: Compass + Earth/Moon/Sun HDAM

    I’m putting up for sale my Audio-GD Compass with Earth, Moon, and Sun HDAMs. I’m the original owner, having purchased this about 4 months ago. It’s been my daily listener, with an estimated 1200 hours on it. Only reason I’m selling it is because I’ve upgraded to an Opus w/ tube amp and I’d...
  2. jeremyrp

    SOLD: HD595

    FS: HD595 For sale are a gently used pair of Sennheiser HD595 They are less than 6 months old with about 500 hours of use on them. They are in minty condition; I'm having trouble seeing any scratches or dinks in them at all. Only reason I'm selling them is that they've gotten no use since...
  3. jeremyrp

    SOLD: Bravo Audio Tube Amp

    For sale is a very lightly used Bravo Audio tube amp. If you're uncertain of what this is, check out this thread: If you looking for exact specs of the one that I purchased, you can see the eBay auction that I won here...