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  1. csamantha11

    1964 Q vs. JH5 - help me decide on my first pair of customs!

    Hi there,   I've decided to take the plunge and want to get my first pair of customs. I want to keep it around the $500 range and i've looked into the 1964 Q's and the JH5's. I'm conflicted on which ones I would like more. Can anyone give me the pros/cons of each, or just their general...
  2. csamantha11

    $70~$80 Earphones for Pop and Classical music

    Can anyone suggest earphones that are suitable for pop and classical music ("light" music in general) ?   I'm not very sure what kind of sound signature I'm after, but just not something where the bass overpowers the rest of the music. I'm not a critical listener so I don't want a signature...
  3. csamantha11

    Need some advice picking out bass heavy IEMs <$100

    Hey guys. I'm pretty new to this forum and just starting my journey into hi-fi so I'd appreciate any advice you guys can give me. I'm looking for earphones under $100 with a lot of bass impact without making the overall sound too muddy or veiled. I listen to most genres of music, other than rap...