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    The launch of our newest flagship - 𝐂𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐧

    Forged from Perfection, Centurion converges revolutionary technology with the finest aesthetics to deliver the comfort and luxury experience that has become synonymous with Effect Audio - redefined yet again to a new standard. After years of experimenting with gold-plated silver and...
  2. EffectAudio

    Effect Audio's new flagship Centurion: Forged from Perfection

    A closer look at our new flagship Centurion. -Rising beyond the extraordinary- Arriving 20/07/2021 #Centurion #NewFlagship #GoldPlatedSilverGoldAlloy #ForgedFromPerfection
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    Introducing a new Flagship worthy material

    The new flagship of Effect Audio will introduce a brand new material to the table, how will the industry-first material impact its sound? Correctly guess the name of the new flagship product and we will hand out a few mystery gifts!
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    Effect Audio's summer sale starts now!

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    Effect Audio launches 2 new cables: the EVO series

    Effect Audio is proud to announce the launch of their two latest additions: the EVO Series, representing the epitome of Effect Audio's evolution in sound and design. The Evolution of the #EVOSeries products starts with the names of #EVO1 and #EVO10, inspired by the Ones and Zeros in the Binary...
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    Launch of the #EVOSeries

    Evoke Your Inner Self with the new EVO Series 18/03/2021 8PM (GMT+8) Join us for the launch of the #EVOSeries Tonight.
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    Introducing ConX

    Many audiophiles have multiple IEMs, often with different connectors. This always meant having to buy separate cables for each type of connector, which is costly and inefficient. But now the simple but elegant solution is finally here: Effect Audio is proud to announce ConX. ConX allows you...
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    Stay tuned!

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    Effect Audio's Black Friday sale: one week long

    Black Friday is coming around and Effect Audio isn’t staying behind: we’re offering 15% off on most of our collection. If you’ve been eyeing our top-of-the-line Horus 8-wires ‘Octa’ or ‘X’, or Code 51, act especially quick: only the first 3 cables in our top range will get 10% off. What's...
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    Effect Audio "Cleopatra" - Unsurpassed Silver

    【 New Product Launch - "Cleopatra" 】 Coalescent of Effect Audio Hallmark designs comes the unbridled, unsurpassed and highly unconventional Silver - "Cleopatra"!! Coming off the heat of Canjam Singapore, Effect Audio launches a new addition to the widely acclaimed ‘Heritage Series' - the...
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    Effect Audio Trade Up Program

    Effect Audio Offers Stock Cable Trade-up Program! Have you been coveting Effect Audio premium cables but wondered if you should go for it? Unsure about cables but curious about it's effects with your current audio gears? The EA stock cable trade-up program lets you upgrade your stock cable...
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    【 Effect Audio 】- The Legacy Continues.. Leonidas II!

    Effect Audio announces the all-new ‘Heritage Series’ Flagship: “Leonidas II” Revolutionary unconventional new design fully utilizes industry first ‘Palladium-Plated Silver’ to create an unmatched superior listening experience. Effect Audio Headquarters, Singapore, 2018 – Effect Audio, a...
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    【EA Annual Bonanza - "Ares II 8 wires"】- Giveaway Contest!

    In lieu of the resounding successes in recent shows & exhibitions as well as our "NDP Promo", Effect Audio would like to thank all our customers and friends for the support and massive love shown! It's come to the time of the year for another round of EA Bonanza! We will be giving out 2x...
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    【Effect Audio】 - New Product Launch - "Janus"

    We're psyched to introduce a new variant of cables featuring Palladium in Canjam Singapore! Keep posted for more information at the launch!
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    Effect Audio - New Flagship "Horus"

    "Horus" is the culmination of Effect Audio's entirety of experience in Cable Crafts. It is one of the finest works from Effect Audio. Pushing the extremities and limitations of cable design works, "Horus" was developed for the most discerning audiophile ears and is a perfect fit for...
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    Effect Audio X Jerry Harvey Audio - JHAudio Week (Cable) Promotions!

    Couple of days ago, we received a gift from JH Audio...     Andrew Reagan, President (JHAudio), sharing his thoughts on our cables and how it brought about the noticeable improvements in Sound Quality and Staging in this video.    Andy's stamp of approval for EA essentially are...
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    Vision Ears x Effect Audio - Introducing "VE6XC Limited Silver Edition"

      In collaboration with Vision Ears, Individually handcrafted in Cologne, optimised with Effect Audio's propriety internal wirings and premium cables...We present you the all-new..                                                                VE6 Limited Silver Edition...
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    Effect Audio "Ares II" & "Ares II+" Boutique Premium IEM Upgrade Cables Giveaway!!

    Enter to win yourself a boutique IEM upgrade cable! Following the successes of EffectAudio's Facebook & Instagram Giveaway Campaigns which saw positive surge of interactivity between our brand followers and fresh faces alike, Effect Audio is now back with another giveaway...   It's EA Copper...
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    Effect Audio X Empire Ears - Introducing "ARTHUR" , [USA & Europe Tour]

    Empire Ears & Effect Audio combined R&D resources to develop the all new "Arthur" IEM Empire Ears:  Empire Ears ( is one of the world’s preeminent in-ear monitor brands, recognized the world over for its impeccable craftsmanship and state-of-the-art engineering. Empire...