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  1. YoYo JoKeR

    All-New Yulong Audio U200 Headphone Amplifier with 32Bit/384KHZ DAC: Introduction & Full Review

    My fellow Head-Fi comrades, here I have opportunity to present before you, Yulong Audio’s U200 Headphone Amplifier with 32 bit 384 KHZ DAC which has a cutting edge WiFi support technology. The U200 will be successor to the simpler & discontinued U100, but with whole new level of superior...
  2. YoYo JoKeR

    Vsonic GR07 MKII - Very good condition

    Hi guys,   I am selling my Vsonic GR07 MKII bought in November 2013, from lendmeurears.   Sparingly used in home only. Offered for sale because of no use as I have upgraded to headphones.   GR07 MKII is discontinued as of 2014, Their current selling price is 180$   Comes with all...
  3. YoYo JoKeR

    FS : Sennheiser HD600 - Like New in Box

    Like new pristine condition set of HD600's with Original Box. These have been used for just 10+ hours and sound great . HD600's are Regarded as one of the best headphones ever made, Which are good at every department. Very natural, non fatiguing and open detailed sound, smooth highs. Only being...
  4. YoYo JoKeR

    BRAND NEW SMSL SAP||| 'tube' amp for Sale

    Hi guys,   Up for sale is an brand new unopened unused SMSL SAP||| 'tube' amp   This SS amp is called as 'tube' amp because the sound it produces is said to resemble an higher level tube amp.   SMSL sApIII High impedance Professional headphone amplifier (BB-OPA2604+TOSHIBA A1358/C3421)...
  5. YoYo JoKeR

    Class A 12AU7 Tube amp with 500mW power output

    Up here is a New, Class A 12AU7 Valve Headphone amplifier This amp is powerful to drive upto 600 ohm headphones. The amp is efficient and is 100% safe [24V DC power included] It has dual input and output methods of RCA and 3.5mm/6.3mm   Both 6 series/12 series tubes are compatible Dual...
  6. YoYo JoKeR

    Upgrade from soundMAGIC E-30

    Hi guys,     I need your advice here on buying a new IEM for myself, I have previously used soundMAGIC E-30 for about 1 year, and I like its sound signature and they are comfortable for me. But I think its time to upgrade.   How are VSONIC VC02 and GR06 compared [Both available at 50$]  ...