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  1. dleblanc343

    Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 Like New Mint

    Hello audiophiles, for your consideration, a like new CA Solaris 2020 with approximately 1:30 hours of usage. Great iem’s but I need to fund an amplifier purchase. Thanks
  2. dleblanc343

    Like Brand New 64 Audio U12T with Fir O + optional ALO Super Litz and DUNU DUW-02

    The iem’s are literally mint. Not a scuff or mark, no issues whatsoever with sound. These are demo units that were actually a vitrine display for most of their life. Includes all accessories and modules and an added Fir Module O which is my favorite pairing. Also selling a 3.5mm or 4.4mm ALO...
  3. dleblanc343

    WTB Fir Audio “O” module

    As title says, I’m looking for the Fir O modules Thanks
  4. dleblanc343

    The Spectacular Final Audio D8000 Pro - Review

    A little background on me I’ve been passionate about headphones for over the past decade, to the point where my love of music and tech intertwined and absorbed me into a black hole – and all this happening in what I’d call a booming decade for personal audio. I’d like to think I’ve developed a...
  5. dleblanc343

    LCD4 Like New (SOLD)

    I need to part ways with this wonderful and beautiful sounding (and looking!) headset. Condition is pristine, fresh smell of leather and wood (pet free smoke free home), no channel imbalance or any sort of audio issues. Babied like a product of this caliber should be. One thing to note is that...
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    sold Cheers
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    Item Sold
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    SHURE KSE1200

    This is a brand new package with unused amplifier module and accessories, however, the iem itself has been used and is in an 8/10 condition. Please inquire for more information on this great deal :)
  9. dleblanc343

    SOLD 5 minutes used

    I bought a Cayin N5ii hoping to downgrade from AK380 after hearing all these great things about the device. Unfortunately, despite awesome performance for the price, I was a little naive in thinking it would sound close to the AK. Item is literally 15 mins used, also has the seperate leather...
  10. dleblanc343

    Campfire Audio Atlas *MINT*

    Hello fellow friends, up for sale are these like new Atlas, very minimal use, in execeptional condition. Was only used indoors, all accessories included and many of the eartips unused. Would also accept a Hiby R6 + money. Reason for sale: buying KSE1200 Cheers Dan
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    Jerry Harvey/ Astell & Kern AKR03 Audio Roxanne Universal

    These have barely been used, as I got the customs shortly after. It's about time these go! Pics to come. Feel free to ask questions
  14. dleblanc343

    Brand new Astell & Kern AK240

    I have recently acquired this device but have decided it's a bit too much for me and I downgraded to a slightly lower DAP.   The unit was used 3 times for home listening and a comparative review, all adhesives are untouched, case untouched, micro usb cable used once, etc. It's brand new!  ...
  15. dleblanc343

    HiFiMAN HM-901 with IEM Card for sale

    I'm selling a mint condition HM-901 with upgraded IEM module. The unit itself is a 9.5/10 with just a factory blemish in the bottom left rear-panel corner (as seen on photo, very minor). Screen protector film never removed.   Fantastic sound for my IE800's/Roxanne; however, I need to move on...
  16. dleblanc343

    Focal Spirit One - White

    I'm selling a brand new pair of Focal Spirit One's in White; they've never been opened.   I've heard them many times before, I'd call them somewhat neutral with forward mid/highs. Great portable headphone with carry case and two detachable cables (one with control talk).
  17. dleblanc343

    One week old Shure SE846

    Hello Head-Fiers, I've got a basically brand new SE846 for sale. I got these November 23rd, but couldn't resist getting the JH Roxanne :(   Therefore, this is for sale! I used the shorter cable, the other one was left untouched. Only used the medium tips, but will discard those and throw in...
  18. dleblanc343

    BNIB Audiophile Audioquest Carbon USB 1.5m (5 ft)

    I bought this cable but did not open it yet as I am thinking of upgrading even higher. Therefore, you get a brand new sealed and unopened carbon usb cable .   Daniel
  19. dleblanc343

    Schiit Mjolnir like new condition

    For sale is a like new schiit mjolnir with xlr caps and original power cable/ packaging.   Cheers.
  20. dleblanc343

    Brand New AKG K3003i

    Hi there, these are the second set of AKG K3003i's I've gotten to compare with my previous pair for a review. These are literally a week old and have barely been used (the tie-wraps haven't even been taken off the winded cable). None of the accessories have been touched (the only tips used were...
  21. dleblanc343

    A brief comparison/review of the AKG K3003i vs the Shure SE846

      Hey fellas, I've taken the time to compare these two IEM's of mine, once and for all, and have come to the conclusion that they are very very different sounding flagships. My review is entirely based off the performance of these earphones through an Iphone 5 with Accudio Pro player (which...
  22. dleblanc343

    Upcoming Audioquest Headphone Cables

    I've gotten word that Audioquest will be releasing their own line of cables for some of the big names in headphones. No brands have been mentioned yet, but I have a good idea on three companies that are very likely to be supported. I'm not sure if it will only be headphone cables or if they...
  23. dleblanc343

    BNIB Sennheiser IE80

    Hello, I'm selling brand new in the box IE80's. These are musical/colored sounding headphones that are known for their dynamic character; lots of bass and crisp highs. There is also a bass ajustment tuner for those who crave a bit more meat to their midbass.   Send me a PM if interested 
  24. dleblanc343

    Brand New Hifiman RE-272 for sale

    Hey there, I'm selling a brand new Hifiman RE272 as I've upgraded to the K3003 a while ago. These were just received through warranty, so I just made sure they worked.   I'd like to keep this in Canada, but I can ship to the states as well.   Cheers
  25. dleblanc343

    Schiit Gungnir with USB

    Hello Head-Fiers, I am selling my Schiit Gungnir dac with usb board as I have upgraded my system. It's in mint condition and everything is fully functional (the dac never moved from its place). I don't really want to sell it deep down, but I can't justify keeping it realistically; so it's here...