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  1. DigitalFreak

    Beyerdynamic DT1350 For Sale (Canada)

    Up for grabs is my DT1350. This little headphone is an excellent headphone for mobile use and sounds awesome. I originally bought the DT1350 when it was first released but sold it a few months later due to constant fit issues. I found myself really missing it and decided to buy another one when...
  2. DigitalFreak

    AKG Q701 for sale (Canada)

    Up for grabs is my tried and true AKG Q701 headphone. The condition of the headphone is excellent with no dings, or scratches. The headbands elastic system is also in excellent condition as well as the cups and cables. Overall, the headphone has been babied and it shows it. Original packaging is...
  3. DigitalFreak

    Calyx M DAP for sale/trade (Canada)

    Up on the chopping block is my much babied Calyx M player. Condition of unit is pristine with no scratches, dings, nor other blemishes, it looks brand new. The unit works like a dream and sounds awesome. Included in the sale is all original packaging and accessories as well as a 30 dollar black...
  4. DigitalFreak

    AK120 for sale/trade (Canada)

    Up for grabs is my beloved and always babied AK120. The age of the unit is maybe a year old if that. The condition of the player is pristine with no dings or scratches. Included in the deal will be all accessories which is the USB charge cable and brown leather case as well as original...
  5. DigitalFreak

    UHA-6S.MKII USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier with SPDIF

    Hiya folks, up for grabs is my beloved UHA-6S MKII. The chassis is completely silver and the condition of the unit is pristine with no visible scratches or dings anywhere on the unit meaning the unit looks like new. This amp has been my top gear of my amp arsenal and the only reason I'm letting...
  6. DigitalFreak

    Lux, The Debut LP From Gemini Syndrome (Album Review)

    Hi guys DF here aka Arly Borges. Me and a friend recently finished co authoring an album review for a new music/gear site we both write for by the name of Audio360. Hope you all enjoy the article and feel free to post any questions or comments below.   Bless DF   We are all the light of...
  7. DigitalFreak

    The ALO Audio International (New Blanced Amp And USB DAC)

    Taken directly from the ALO Audio site     Quote: Picture Gallery             Specs   Battery: 1600 mAh Lithium-Polymer Dimensions: 71.5 mm x 85 mm x 25.5 mm Battery Play Time: 14-16 hours (Amplifier) 8-10 Hours (Amplifier + DAC) Battery Recharge...
  8. DigitalFreak

    Wanted: Original Cypher Lab Algorhythm Solo

    Looking around for anyone willing to part with their original CLAS. I'm interested in the first generation model and not the R or db. I would prefer silver but black will work for me too. I would want all original accessories to be included but original packaging is no big deal to me. I would...
  9. DigitalFreak

    Ortofon EQ7 IEM (Only And Final Price Drop)

    Please note all pricing is in Canadian currency   Up for sale is my Ortofon e-Q7 IEM. The condition of the IEM is pristine meaning no scratches cracks scuffs etc on the IEM housing or cabling. These IEM's can be classed as nearly new with maybe 40 hours tops of head time on them. Included in...
  10. DigitalFreak

    New Leckerton UHA-6S MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier Announced (Update User Impressions Added July 20th 2012)

    As some of you may or may not know Leckerton has been sitting quietly with no product being shipped for the last few weeks. Speculation has ranged from the business owner temporarily stopping production due to a big move to another city to new products being released. Tonight upon checking the...
  11. DigitalFreak

    ADL Cruise Portable Headphone Amplifier

    I was feeling rather bored this late evening and while surfing around I ran across this little amp from Alpha Design Labs. Some impressions on the amp from Steve Guttenberg can be found HERE. I'm rather surprised I haven't run across anything on Head-Fi concerning this amp and was wondering if...
  12. DigitalFreak

    The Official Head Fi Ear Wax Thread

    As I surf around this forum I've noticed something rather interesting in the threads devoted to IEM discussions. It doesn't seem to matter what IEM is being discussed there always seems to be someone who comes along and begins commenting about ear wax causing the thread to be temporarily...
  13. DigitalFreak

    The Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 Impressions thread

    Well the Senn guys have their own threads and the Woo amp guys have theirs so it's only fair I try and start one for             The little Beyer that could.
  14. DigitalFreak

    Where To Download Lossless Music

    OK the name of the thread says it all. The idea is I'm going to create a list of sites with link to where music in lossless format (AIFF M4A, WAV etc) can be purchased. Every time someone posts a good site I'll update the list accordingly as well as check periodically for any broken links. With...
  15. DigitalFreak

    The am I an audiophile game

    OK boys and girls let's try something fun and different. Below is a link to a audio hearing test site. Try the test out and once you're finished come back and post your results. This is all for laughs so please be truthful. Hit the link and enjoy  ...
  16. DigitalFreak

    New Guttenberg article on Grado

    This is for all the Grado fan boys out there. From the article picture old John Grado seems to be enjoying himself as much as always. I've yet to see a picture of the dude where he looks run down or grouchy. Any case hit the link below and enjoy.  ...
  17. DigitalFreak

    Grado (Soundstage, Clarity, and Seperation question)

    Good afternoon ladies/gentlemen:   For the last 18 months or so I've really been enjoying my Grado SR60i's. I find these cans are wonderful headphones to zoning out to the various sub genres of hard rock and metal. As much as I like my SR60i's I have to admit to myself that sometimes with...
  18. DigitalFreak

    Post Photos Of Headphones You Dream Of One Day Owning

    Sony Qualia 010   Grado PS1000   Grado Woody Triple Point Mod   Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla   Audeze LCD 2  
  19. DigitalFreak

    300 ohm 3 in 1 DAC/pre amp/HA driving a 600 ohm headphone... wha????

    Ok I'm thoroughly confused. I've been researching info so as to assemble my first ever rig. I'm not looking to drive huge monitor speakers, matter of fact I couldn't care less if it can drive any speakers, BUT I do want a rig that can drive high impedance headphones (Beyerdynamic T1's, 990's...
  20. DigitalFreak

    Burson HA-160D + Grado = Good?????Bad??? So So???

      Hello gentlemen/ladies.   Most of the regulars who come here don't know me due to the fact I only officially joined the site a couple of days ago. I've been quietly sneaking around on the forums for a good two months though collecting information to my audio rig questions. Due to the...
  21. DigitalFreak

    Noob needs advice (HELP ME)

    Salutations and a happy new year to all the forum head-fiers out there. Before I get into the meat of my post let me first get this off my chest. Although I've always been a huge music fan when it comes to mid to higher end audio equipment I'm a complete noob so please be understanding if the...