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  1. Monir

    Yulong D200 32-bit 384KHz DSD DAC/Amp

    Selling my Yulong D200 DSD DAC/Amp in 9/10 condition, or possibly even 10/10 - topic prone to subjectivity. But in any case, there is not a single scratch on the unit, and it has been handled with utmost deliberate care throughout the couple of months that I've been using it.   Can send the...
  2. Monir

    WTB: Audiolab M-DAC

    I am looking to buy a (preferably in black finish) Audiolab M-DAC unit. The M-DAC has to be in good condition, somewhere around 8/10, and shipped within the EU. Price can be discussed.   Best regards.
  3. Monir

    WTB: Yulong D200

    Hi, as the topic suggests, I am looking to buy a Yulong D200 DSD DAC/Amp in at least 8/10 condition. Preferrably within the EU.
  4. Monir

    WTB: Darth Beyer

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a pair of Darth Beyers in good condition. Preferrably V3>V4>V6. Type of wood finish doesn't matter just as long as there aren't any serious blemishes on it.   Shipping within or to Europe. I stand for freight costs.   PM me with the version, condition...
  5. Monir

    Lifatec Silflex Glass Toslink 10ft

    For sale in pristine condition. Receipt and warranty included.   Very sturdy toslink cable with metal coating - yet still very elastic, even more resilient that ordinary plastic IMO. Excellent for some environments where cables are often treaded on. I've had a bad luck with countless of cheap...
  6. Monir

    WTB: Yulong Sabre A18

    I'm looking for a used Yulong A18 amplifier in great condition. A new one on Tam Audio goes for $799 with free shipping, but since I'm on a strapped budget I'm looking for a unit that is at least $100 cheaper, and for now the Sabre 18 is the only amplifier which I'm looking for.   Deal can...
  7. Monir

    Violectric V200 SOLD

    Been using this amplifier for a month and have been loving it. But unfortunately I need the funds for other stuff, and I'm also looking into perhaps going back to tubes again - therefore I must let this baby go.   I'm the second owner, but nontheless it's in great condition. User's manual +...
  8. Monir

    J$ pads for Ultrasone PRO900 (JMoney)

    I'm looking for a pair of J$ pads that are applicable for Ultrasone PRO 900. They have to be in great condition.   Shipment would be to Europe.
  9. Monir

    WTB: Audeze LCD-2 Rev 2 Bamboo (or Rosewood)

    NOTE to US / Canada / AUS etc: I can consider buying from outside the EU from for example USA/Canada if it's Bamboo revision with black angled connectors.   I'm looking for a pair of LCD-2.2 in excellent condition. I would prefer a deal within EU to avoid the risk of paying custom duties on...
  10. Monir

    Yulong D100 vs Audio-gd NFB-3 for HD650 and PRO900

    I've been considering this for a while now and can't seem to reach a conclusion. It's fairly difficult if the product is not near at hand to demo. The Cambridge DacMagic Plus is quite popular and even exists in my local hi-fi store from where I demoed it and found it to be overly bright, just a...
  11. Monir

    How to prevent amplifier from picking up interference from computer?

    For a long time now I have been trying to cure the buzzing that occurs at medium-to-high volume when the amplifier is connected to my PC. This is not a hum that sounds like the typical ground loop at either 50hz or 60hz. This is an electric hissing noise with occasional clicks, and a high pitch...
  12. Monir

    Hum from PC, tips about good Ground loop isolator/transformer

    Hi,   I'd like to hear if anyone here has any recommendation for a reasonably priced quality ground loop isolator? I know low price and quality don't go together, and I'm sure I would get recommendations about Jensen and Lundahl. But for the LDMKIII connected to my PC's soundcard, I'm not...