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  1. metalsonata

    Denon AH-D7000

    Single-owner Denon AH-D7000 headphones. Well worn, but loved. Minor cosmetic blemishes (like micro-scratches) that don't readily show up in photos. Headphones are quite sensitive to movement and cable noise--expect to hear almost every adjustment of the cups and the cable if you are shifting...
  2. metalsonata

    ALO Audio Pan Am, Gateway, Passport, and accessories

    PICTURES AND FURTHER DETAILS FORTHCOMING. Single-owner silver ALO Pan Am, Gateway, Passport, and accessories (assorted interconnects, pairs of tubes, and travel bag). Selling everything together. Comes with original packaging. This set makes for a great small-footprint work rig, or for a great...
  3. metalsonata

    Headroom Micro Amp and Micro DAC

    Single owner Headroom Micro Amp and Micro DAC, selling them together as a pair. (If you only want one of them, shoot me a PM and we'll see if we can work something out.) Both will come with the original boxes and the the power bricks--no manuals though. (However, I believe they're still...
  4. metalsonata

    Practical Devices XM6; 8740 DAC; AD8610, with BUF634

    Single-owner Practical Devices XM6, black, with the 8740 DAC and the AD8610 op-amps installed, along with spare BUF634 op-amps. Desk-top feet attached to the bottom of the amp. Also includes Practical Devices storage bag, the wall charger, and a 1/8 - 1/8 cable. Does not include the original...
  5. metalsonata

    Sennheiser HD650; silver drivers; does not come with cable

    Single-owner Sennheiser HD650 headphones (silver drivers). Well worn, but loved. Their biggest physical flaw is that some of the paint has chipped off the front of the headband; to my understanding a common problem with these headphones. (You can see this in one of the photos.) Does not come...
  6. metalsonata

    ALO Reference 16 Audeze headphone cable; 8 feet; 4 pin balanced; includes 1/4 adapter

    Single-owner 8-foot ALO Reference 16 Audeze headphone cable; terminated in a 4 pin balanced connector and including a 4 pin to 1/4 adapter. Comes with the box. Has been my daily cable since I picked it up last year to replace my Audeze's broken stock cable. Non-smoking household. I do have cats...
  7. metalsonata

    Best Albums of 2014

    Surprised no one else has started this thread yet--I know that I'm not the only one who likes to make lists! Anyways, post your top whatever albums of the year here, and feel free to discuss one another's lists. Here are my top 50:   50. Ought: More Than Any Other Day  49. Mastodon: Once More...
  8. metalsonata

    Region-free DVD/Blu-Ray player

    There are some older threads on the topic already, but I figured getting a fresh perspective would be beneficial. My old Xbox 360 is beginning to crap out, and since I'm not really into console gaming these days and don't really care much about the new consoles, I don't plan on replacing it with...
  9. metalsonata

    Yusef Lateef: 1920-2013

    Damn. One of the greats. Time to spin up Eastern Sounds. 
  10. metalsonata

    'Portable' Record Player

    My kid sister recently 'inherited' some records and has nothing to play them on! She's not an audiophile in even the slightest bit, and all attempts to convert her to one have failed pretty miserably. Still, she's in love with the romance of owning records, and would like something to play them...
  11. metalsonata

    Review, Debate, and Discuss Grammy-nominated albums and songs!

    I really, really hate the Grammys. Just getting that out there. This year though, I was pretty intrigued by some of the picks in the various categories, and I've made it a bit of a 'tradition' to listen to as many of the nominees as I can and 'rate' them according to the system that I use in my...
  12. metalsonata

    Head-Fi shops in and around Memphis and/or Nashville?

    Sure this is probably the wrong area on the forums for this, but I figure it'll have the best chance of getting seen here. I'm going to be in and around Memphis and Nashville quite a bit next week and was wondering if any Head-Fi'ers know of any good stores in the respective areas that carry a...