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  1. tusing

    Review by 'tusing' on item '64 Audio Nio'

    The 64 Audio Nio is one of the newer IEMs in 64 Audio's lineup, and easily the most gorgeous. The Nio has one of the most comfortable IEM shapes I've ever tried. I listen to the Nio off a Qudelix 5K. The sound of the Nio can be described as warm and punchy. There is an abundance of sub-bass -...
  2. Campfire Audio Solaris 2020

    Campfire Audio Solaris 2020

    Copied from Solaris 2020 has arrived Small Size + Big Sound Re-engineering our critically acclaimed Solaris was no small feat. Maintaining its signature sound, but changing its exterior shape was a substantial challenge. The result of that...
  3. tusing

    Reply to review by 'tusing' on item 'ZMFheadphones Vérité Closed'

    The ZMF headbands are designed to be bent. See the video:
  4. tusing

    Review by 'tusing' on item 'Empire Ears Cerberus III'

    Cerberus 3 Review A CIEM worthy of the stars... Cerberus III I asked Jack to make it look like stars against a backdrop of a dark-purple night-sky. He absolutely nailed the look!     Unboxing       They arrived in a very well-made, slick-looking box with raised print, magnetic clasps...
  5. tusing

    Review by 'tusing' on item 'Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound'

    So - I must say - that the audio quality on these is absolutely phenomenal. Crisp, clear, detailed sound all around. Mids are absolutely wonderful, bass is phenomenal (and can be adjusted with the software), and highs are great.   Isolation doesn't seem that good when you first put them on...
  6. tusing

    Reply to review by 'tusing' on item 'RHA T10i'

    I disagree with this review. I had to return the T10i. Even if you use the mid and treble filters, the bass and lows are simply too strong, and the treble and much of the mids seem far too recessed.