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  1. benboxbob

    IEM suggestions?

    hey, i just broke my jvc hafx101's last night and i need a new pair of headphones asap  im in the $100-50 range. i like a lot of bass but not so much that it blocks out everything else. i wear them on the bus so they must have a fair bit of noise cancellation. any suggestions? i mainly listen...
  2. benboxbob

    looking for my first iems

    Hey,  I'm looking for my first IEM's just to see how they are and if my ears like them. I'm looking for something in the £20 range just to get a taste of what they are like. I don't want to go spending £150 on IEM's at the start that i cant keep in my ears because they are uncomfortable. i...
  3. benboxbob

    IEM's for the beginner from 100 to 200 euro? bass-ish

    hi,  I'm looking for an IEM for listening to rock and rap on my ipod touch. I cant really use on ear headphones as my ears are prone to heating up and becoming uncomfortable under most earpads and over ears don't really suit as they are too big. I have bose oe2 at the moment but I am going...
  4. benboxbob

    looking for nice over ear headphones

    hi, I bought Bose OE2 a while back and i found the sound quite nice but over about half an hour  I had to stop using them as my ears were real sore and hot. I had sennheiser PX 200 ii's as well but they had the same problem. so I'm now going for over ear instead of on ear. i was wondering...
  5. benboxbob

    Bose oe2

    Hey, I was in the Bose shop yesterday and was wondering why are Bose not liked here? The oe2's are very comfortable, fold up to a small size and to me they sounded very nice. I'm wondering should i get them? I listen to rock or dance and they sounded nice on both types of music. i didn't...
  6. benboxbob

    Which is the better on ear headphone?

    Hey,  Which would be better, Bose oe2 or V Moda m80? I'm looking for a comfortable, sort of noise canceling, good sounding, good looking headphone. I do like a bit of bass as I listen to dance but i also listen to rock. any other suggestions other than what's listed above would be greatly...
  7. benboxbob

    New beats any good?

    Hey,  Just wondering are the new beats mixrs any good or is it the same stuff all over again? (i might have put this post in the wrong section, its my first post sorry 'bout that)