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  1. ghart999

    FS: Sik Ram Din (black)

    I cut the firewire connector off since I will never use it. Otherwise in mint condition. $10 shipped. Paypal only. THanks all. Gregg
  2. ghart999

    FS: Opamps

    I have 3 of each of the following opamps for sale. They are all brand new and never used. Not sure what to ask, so I will consider anything over $25 for all of them. I really don't feel like parting them out. Too much work. I will let this go for a day or so and take the best price. OPA604AP...
  3. ghart999

    Which gen ipod has best SQ?

    I had a 40gb Gen 4 player that died on me. I replaced the motherboard and headphone jack and it still does not work. Anyway, I need a replacement and was wondering if I should stick with 4 Gen or move up to photo or video players. I don't care about anyhing but music quality and I need at least...
  4. ghart999

    Is amping A900s a waste?

    I am considering a paid of A900s yet I already have a Super Macro 3 amp. Would I get any benefit at all from using the amp with the 900s? Thanks all.
  5. ghart999

    Xin Supermacro V.4 coming!!!

    April Fools!!!!
  6. ghart999

    Where to buy volume knobs?

    I am looking for something to put on my Supermacro other than the stock knob that it comes with. Can you give me some online sites that sell volume knobs. I know of mouser and digikey, but didn't really find anything too exciting. Thanks a lot.
  7. ghart999

    Where to buy volume knobs?

    I saw the previous post about the $500 wooden knob. Got me wondering about where can I actually buy some cool looking knobs. Of course nowhere near $500. I am talking simple $1 - $10 knobs. Are there DIY sites that sell stuff like this? Thanks a lot.
  8. ghart999

    SOLD: Xin Supermacro V1.0 (w/ 4 switches)

    SOLD!!! This amp is 3 weeks old with a total of 10 hours of use. I have upgraded to a V3.0 instead. Amp includes the 4 switches as well as socketed opamps and 2X buffers soldered on. I will include either 227 or 627 op amps for you. You can have both sets for an additional $15. This...
  9. ghart999

    FS: Woodied/Recabled Grado SR-225

    The phones and flat pads have both been sold!!!! These phones were bought directly from Larry at headphile. These have the wood cups and recable job. They come with bowl pads. I also bought brand new flats from Todd which I will include for an additional $25 ($10 off the shipped...
  10. ghart999

    Pics of my Woodied SR-225s

    Just got around to taking some pics. They sound wonderful.
  11. ghart999

    Who has modified iPod (Pics)?

    I know there are some companies where you can have your iPod color changed and the tattoos and stuff. Just wondering if anyone has some pics of their modded iPods.
  12. ghart999

    Which 9V rechargeable now that plainview is gone?

    I have heard some talk about iPower and Maha. Would these be solid replacements for the plainview? The iPower is 250mAH and the Maha is 170mAH. Should the higher nunber be the deciding factor? Also which charger should I use? Is it always recommended to use the same brand charger as the battery...
  13. ghart999

    WTB: High quality 9V + charger

    I would like something comparable to the plainviews, but I know they are impossible to find.
  14. ghart999

    What's the diff between different battery types in portable amps?

    Some amps come in 9V and some use AAA/AA. What are the pros and cons to different battery types? Thanks.
  15. ghart999

    WTB: Xin mini-to-mini adapter

    Color does not matter. They look like this:
  16. ghart999

    WTB: Techflex.

    I only need a few feet so buying a 50' role is a waste for me. I need something between 1/4" and 1/2". Color is not too important. Thanks.
  17. ghart999

    What is the length of the Sik Din cable?

    The line out cable that is? Thanks.
  18. ghart999

    FS: Pocket Dock

    (SOLD!!!) 2 weeks old. Used for about 1 hour. I have switched to a custom made dongle instead. This has the firewire and line out. Comes with original box, mini-to-mini cable, and mini-to-RCA cable. Paid $35 shipped. Asking $28 shipped in the US. Picture can be seen at Check my eBay...
  19. ghart999

    What portable amp is this? (Pics)

    My friend bought it 2 years ago online and does not know what kind it is. I am just curious. Thanks.
  20. ghart999

    How to paint anodized aluminum?

    I have a Supermacro that I would like to paint. Anyone know what kind of paint I should use? Primer? Thank you.
  21. ghart999

    Compilation of portable amps

    I was thinking that it might be worthwhile to start a thread listing the existing portable amps along with their price and website link. No reviews here, just a list. I have spent so much time trying to determine what options I have and would have loved to have a single source to get a list of...
  22. ghart999

    Can someone explain the different ear tips for the Etys?

    I just ordered a pair of ER-4Ps and I know they come with foam and triple-flnage tips. But I keep reading that there are multiple sizes as well. What sizes come with the Etys and what other options for sizes exist? Thanks a lot.
  23. ghart999

    What power supply for Porta Corda MkII?

    I would appreciate some suggestions on a quality PS that won't break the bank. Thanks and Happy New Year. Gregg
  24. ghart999

    FS: Extra battery for Creative Jukebox 3

    I bought an extra battery for the Jukebox 3 and have since returned the player. Could not return the battery though. It is brand new and only been charged once. Paid $60. Asking $30 + $2 shipping.