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    HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

    I like the memory foam pads from the AKG AnniversaryK702/712. It ticks all of my boxes and mutes that low treble a bit.
  2. Fearless1

    FS: Ray Samuels Audio "The Dark Star" (SOLD)

    One of my favorite amps of all time, great price, good luck with your sale. Great with the HD800 as well!
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    [SOLD]First Watt J2 Power Amplifier (from Canada)

    Not one to intervene on a sellers thread, but fantastic deal for a magnificent amp! I envy the lucky person who buys this amp at this price, it is sublime with most headphones! Good luck with your sell!
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    Audeze EL-8 Closed vs Mr.Speakers Aeon Closed

    The Aeon C is by far the best/ most accurate closed headphone I have ever heard and is the best headphone I’ve heard under 1k by far(open or closed).
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    hi-fi active speakers with sub-out

    klipsch r-15pm do exactly what you need and you can control the sub level from the remote. They sound decent for what they are.
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    Comfort- Aeon>Elear>LCD 2 Sound stage-Aeon>Elear>LCD 2 Tonal accuracy-Aeon>Elear>LCD 2 Musicality (my general enjoyment) Elear>Aeon>LCD 2 Bass Elear>LCD 2> Aeon Treble (my preference is warm) Elear>Aeon>LCD 2(though if I were watching a movie I would pick the Aeon, it is voiced beautifully)...
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    New audiophile, recently obtained an LCD2 and an HD800. Should I upgrade my Magni 2 / Modi 2 stack with a Gustard H10, or a Magni 3?

    I actually think the Magni 3 sounds more balanced then the Jot. It is significantly better then the 2, and has a similar sound to my Darkstar(my favorite ss amp).
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    Help me choose an amplifier

    A Vali 2 would compliment all of the mentioned as well.
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    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    Amen to this. The 400/500/6/HE-4 all scale to unbelievable heights with a better chain.
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    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    IMHO the hidden gem in the ATH line-up is the ATH-R70x, the smooth mids of the HD650 with a more open sound and deeper bass. They do not scale like the HD650, but man they sound just great with movies and music.
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    Chord Mojo vs Schiit Birfrost Multibit? Which one is better?

    Agreed, Yggy>>>Darkstar>>>HD800 is a thing of pure beauty. Those who say it doesn't scale, have never heard it scale with synergetic gear. There are countless folks on here that would agree with me! *wish I could give your post a double like!
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    Best Planar Magnetic Headphones under $500?

    The 560 has better bass with less decay then the 400i. The 400i has more quanity of bass . The 560 has also a cleaner, clearer presentation(to my ears). This being said, I was an early adopter of the 400i, my statement is based on the version 1!
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    Lets Talk Metal

    Just the usual pollution of the thread by a toxic cloud.
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    Can Grace Design m9xx make Sennheiser HD800 sound good??

    Because it is abysmal with the HD800 is why, the schiit stack he recommended is has significantly better synergy.
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    Am I just not cut out to be an audiophile?

    And I did not disagree with the first paragraph. The opinions expressed as facts are where any disagreements arose. I said my point, now get your last word in and move on. I'll go enjoy my gear, you go enjoy yours, the same pursuits of enjoying music is the goal.
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    Am I just not cut out to be an audiophile?

    Nothing to "prove", not "trolling", just making a point that there is no validity to your definition of an audiophile, it is your opinion. I can respect someone's opinion (even yours). I sometimes use gear(tube amps)that you are obliviously unfamiliar with to achieve better sound to my ears...
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    Am I just not cut out to be an audiophile?

    Thanks for clearing that up, I was lost by your description, it seemed like utter nonsense.
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    SOLD Schiit Valhalla 2

    Up for sale is a Valhalla 2 with a few scuffs, comes with stock tubes and a set of Amperex PQ (nos) tubes. Power chord not pictured but included.
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    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    :loud_sound: Kind of a bass head emoji
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    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    I want to hear all about those pads when one of you gentleman receive them! :dt880smile:
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    Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

    That's the ticket for sure, I use one on the older Hifiman models as well. He is a pleasure to deal with as well.