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  1. librarian

    Sennheiser HD250 Linear II

    Sennheiser HD250 Linear II in excellent condition. I will prefer EU sale to keep shipping costs low.    If you want to know more about this headphone, please ask. But I guess they are kind of legendary, so you may as well just search the internet. 
  2. librarian

    STAX SR-Lambda (normal bias) + SRD-6

    The headphones are very well taken care of. They sound great. The original STAX Lambda is all about openness and mids, mids, mids.....   I have used these headphones with several dacs and amps. They sound good in a more humble setup, but do also respond well to better source and amp. For the...
  3. librarian

    W1000X recabled with 8 wire cryo treated copper + L3000 pads [EU]

    Second owner. One tiny surface scratch on the side of one of the earcups. No big deal, but it should be mentioned. Otherwise flawless.   Recabled with 8 wire cryo treated copper. Terminated with Cardas rhodium jack. 1,2 m. (original cable is included also)   L3000 leather pads. (original...
  4. librarian


    I have a mint condition JVC HA-DX1000 (european model) for sale. This is a great headphone, but it has not been used very much. Even the leatherpads shows no signs of wear at all.   I'm looking for top of the line closed portable headphones in mint condition as well.   T5P T70 (+ cash)...
  5. librarian

    [SOLD] Ortofon e-Q7   Selling these. NOT the Hifiman pictured, ONLY the IEM's. They are in very good condition. Sound is good, but I prefer ER4S. If you like ER4S analytical sound, but want more midrange warmth, this...
  6. librarian

    Headphones to match Hifiman HM-602

    I recently got the HM-602 and I have sold out almost all my portable gear. I just find the sound of this dap to be simply great! The analogue-like sound of the non oversampling td1543 dac chip is just what I have been looking for. I enjoy it very much with Yuin G1A. This is my favourite. The 150...
  7. librarian

    Lisa III + Firestone PSU + ALO cable    
  8. librarian

    [SOLD]Cowon iAudio7 + ER4P   Shipping included. 3 different ComplyTips included.  
  9. librarian

    ALO Audio LOD - RCA cable   This fine cable is for sale. It is in very good condition.
  10. librarian

    [SOLD] Beyerdynamic DT880 (600 ohm vintage)

    I got this DT880 for sale. Not much to say really, it's a wonderful headphone, that doesn't get too much use anymore. Pictures can be seen here:   Well, actually there is some things to say. They are restored in the sence, that I have taken...
  11. librarian

    Balanced APS ER4 cable (+ P/S and XLR-minijack adapter)

    APureSound V2 with 2 x 3-pin xlr. Comes with an equivalent P to S adapter cable. Included is also an APureSound V2 balanced to single ended mini jack adapter cable.
  12. librarian

    Help me find a USB DAC (most "analogue" sounding)

    I need some advice to get me started.   At this point I have read a little about sampling, but there's a lot left for me to work on, before I feel that I actually understand the basic issues... So I'll clarify a little bit of my listening preferences instead. My favourite set up is vinyl. I...
  13. librarian


    For sale are these mint condition hd800 (serial number 302). As everyone know, these are very good. They are technically a lot better than my hd650, but due to better system synergy with the hd650, I let go of these.   I'm the second owner. First owner didn't even break these in, and I have...
  14. librarian

    [SOLD] FS: Audio Technica ATH ES10 / ES-10 [FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING]

    Selling these great portables very good condition, audio technica hard case included. Pictures here:   Asking 340$ I pay shipping, you send paypal as gift.
  15. librarian

    free tagging software for apple lossless files?

    I need something nice and easy. I've got A LOT of music files organized in folders and I need to do the tagging in big batches. Just don't have time to work it out manually...
  16. librarian

    Which portable amp for these phones: ESW9 and HD650

    I'm looking for a portable amp. I'll use it at home most of the time. Just spending some good time with my music while cruising the appartment, cooking and doing other stuff. Most important is, that it has good power, as I want to use it with HD650 (maybe even dt770 in 600 ohms, though I know...
  17. librarian

    one click converter (wav to flac)

    Hi! I'm tired of converting all my wav files to flac manually... Does any of you know if there is a good and simple programme, that can copy a lot of music folders and convert them into flac with just one click? So that I keep the folders with the wav files while the programme creates a...
  18. librarian


    I sold a pair of AKG K501 with K601 pads to Adam. He was nice and friendly all the way. He's a good head-fi'er to deal with. There's absolutely no doubt, that he's a guy, that you can trust. I will not hesitate to deal with him anytime again.
  19. librarian

    HELP! My esw9 are broken. No no no! - how to repair headband ;-)

    The plastic that connects the cups to the headband are broken in one side. Is there any way, that I can purchase a new headband for those phones? Anyone knows a site, where I can buy spare parts to audio techica headphones? Help me here, someone. I was so happy with them.
  20. librarian

    Anyone knows where to buy nice tube amps in EU?

    I need some tips for online shops in the EU. I'm going to buy an amp for my HD650. Got my eyes set on Woo Audio, but it will cost me a fortune (up to +40 percent) to have it shipped to Denmark (vat, tax...), unless I'm really lucky...I don't always trust my luck, though... Is there any...
  21. librarian

    Woo amp for k501?

    Would anyone know if AGK K501 and Woo Audio amps is a good match? (Almost for sure I'm getting hd650 and a woo amp, but I wanna try k501 as well, though it's a completely different headphone, I know. That's why I want it ;-)
  22. librarian

    amp for hd650

    I've decided to go for hd650 with saa euqinox cable, so now the only thing left to decide is which amp. But that seems at the end to be the toughest choice of all, since there are so many different opinions on that topic... To be more specific, what I need is an amp, that is powerful enough...
  23. librarian

    is there any point in getting hd650 balanced, if the rest of the set up (headphone amp, reciever) is not?

    I'm thinking about buying hd650. Some recommend that these should be balanced. At the moment I have my mind set on Darkvoice 3322, which is a tube headphone amp - but is it balanced? And does it matter? Will the 400$ for the balanced cable be wasted, when the source is my NAD C352 reciever...
  24. librarian

    headphones for jazz

    which headphones do you prefer for jazz? for real old stuff like early New Orleans (jelly roll morton, bunk johnson, louis armstrong, king oliver, kid ory)? and for 1950's and 1960's jazz from blue note, prestige, riverside? I'm new in this forum, I have read a lot of threads through...