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  1. DomieMic65

    Portable amp for AKG K271mkII

    ...any affortable suggestions? I now have a cMoyBB V2.03 it sounds nice and I am planing to increase the gain a little and do some op amp rolling but I also want some opinions about a portable that can drive really well these rather insensitive cans!
  2. DomieMic65

    iPod Classic vs Nano

    Has anyone compared the sound of those two?   Are there any differences? Is the classic supposed to be better? I am interested mainly for connection through lod cable to portable amp, so the internal amp section isn't very important for me. Can the nano be connected through usb to the...
  3. DomieMic65

    What about HifiMan RE0 & RE1 iems?

    Impressions of use? Which of the two do you prefer? Amping? Mainly for classical and acoustic music in general... Other suggestions? Thnx!!