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  1. linnem

    re-encode question...

    Is it possible to reencode my eac/lame 256kbs vbr mp3s to 128kbs vbr without ripping all my cds again? (using eac/lame) -And if yes, will it be as good as if I started all over again? Thanks.
  2. linnem

    PCDP, radios, E888 and freebies!

    Damn it! Somebody buy my stuff! This is giveaway prices...
  3. linnem

    PCDP, radios, E888 and freebies!

    Clearing out some stuff. Freebies for buyers only (scroll to bottom). Please contact me thru ONLY! Check out my feedback. Paypal only. Prices including shipping WORLDWIDE! Modern classic PCDP Sony d-ej725 (good condition), blue...
  4. linnem

    IMP-550, mdr-e888sp and more...

    bump bump bump bump 140?
  5. linnem


    Great buyer from Taiwan. Very fast payment and friendly coms. Thanks from Norway!
  6. linnem

    iFP-395T FM radio problem..

    Sorry, can't help you with the radio, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the player!!!
  7. linnem

    EGGO's radios & freebies!

    The icf-sw22 is still up for grabs, pricedrop to 45 EUR shipped. Great little radio! The MD cable and silverbacks are still looking for new owners. Non buyers pay actual shipping.
  8. linnem

    EGGO's radios & freebies!

    EGGO's gone...
  9. linnem

    EGGO's radios & freebies!

    sale pending on eggos -maybe the -m40w Fixup cable might be gone, but other freebies still up for grabs!
  10. linnem

    EGGO's radios & freebies!

    Prices include airmail anywhere, add 5 EUR for registred mail. Please contact me at , don't crowd my pm box here! Actual buyers are first in line for the Freebies, and these may add a euro or two to shipping. Only paypal. For fastest reply use SMS to 004799227532 Sony...
  11. linnem

    EGGO's and minidisc.

    I Need a new computer and is selling all my stuff. Because of the holidays my internet access will be sporadic at best so for fastest response send SMS to: 0047 99227532. I can accept most kinds of payment. Check my feedback in the feedback forum. All bids welcome. MD gone (that was quick)...
  12. linnem

    Sony ICF-R1000V radio

    It is probably mono and japanese FM only (76-82,5 Mhz)
  13. linnem

    stuff for sale/trade

    Bump. Come on, these are great prices.
  14. linnem

    stuff for sale/trade

    Bump and price reduced.
  15. linnem

    Need help getting out of the pain that is the V700DJ.

    maybe, but it is not exactly portable as an eg...
  16. linnem

    All that talk about old pcdp's...

    -And those new top of the line. We always ramble on about that "#¤@£ Sony and how they sacrifice sound for battery life. But how about the cheap sony discmen? I never see a review on them?! They have limited battery life and are probably able to withstand more punishment. Has anyone had...
  17. linnem

    Need help getting out of the pain that is the V700DJ.

    I second the eggo assesment. Very smooth sound. Comfort beyond belive and the only truly portable "full-size" phone. The 7506 sounds cold to me and the cord is a real pain.
  18. linnem

    Need help getting out of the pain that is the V700DJ.

    Hi and sorry about your wallet. Do a search on the mentioned phones, lots of info on all. EGGO's are hot at the moment.
  19. linnem

    the future of portable audio?

    20 years from now the ultimate portable audio device will be a stick and a hollowed out tree trunk. we will all be living in caves and most americans well spend their time wondering why on earth they voted for bush.
  20. linnem

    E888 problem.

    it is a pretty normal problem on the e888, mentioned in a lot of threads here and at the tstation. the first pair i bought (120 USD in norway) had a terrible rattle on the bass notes in both channels. i tried breaking them in very gently for almost a week, but it did not change. i also gave...
  21. linnem

    Interesting Sony portable product, plays MP3 & WAV DVDs

    pretty sure it wont burn dvd, only reads them (dvd-rom) and burns CD's...