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  1. harry501501

    possible theft in uk

    Hey, possibly not the right place but there's someone on eBay uk selling a bunch of decent earphones and DAPs which they've barely listed properly yet, major errors as if guessing what they are and checking online. Dodgy as hell... saying they're selling for an uncle. Among these items are...
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  3. harry501501

    New AMP for SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKII

    Hey, anyone got ideas for something in the budget circa £100 range? I'm not that bothered to go second hand as long as it's eBay or refurbished from a reputable supplier. Currently I'm connected to the SMSL T2 Tube which is great as it's a nice open musical sound but I'm after something that...
  4. harry501501

    WTB : iKer i8

    Anyone in the UK got these hard to find earphones and willing to sell?
  5. harry501501

    Choosing a new DAP - iBasso V Colorfly

    Hey all, I recently got the small Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS V2 DAC for my laptop. it was a replacement for my Fiio e10k. Straight away I fell in love with the sound. It had a slightly thinner presentation, lovely punchy sub bass, very detailed and airy. It was a MASSIVE change from the...
  6. harry501501

    Rec between DT990, CAL!, Log UE6000 and ATM50s

    Hi, I like a wide soundstage with a bit of meat either end. I dislike the 'stereo effect' that although wide is fairly low volume. I like a slightly warmer set, decent bass but not boomy but def present. I don't mind MIDS being 'slightly' recessed but I'd still like a bit of detail. Not really...