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  1. NetRunner

    Onkyo's soundcard

    What? They have IC:s there besides those big amounts of capacitors?-) I wondered about that Vector Shaping Linear Circuitry, too. At least it looks like it supports EAX2 (on the page..).. Of course at what CPU percentage is a question, but it could be usable in games.
  2. NetRunner

    Anyone with foobar know how to fix this problemo

    Yep. You need to add the "tracknumber" mp3-tags to those mp3 files. If you want to do it manually, you could just right-click on them individually and add it through the properties option.
  3. NetRunner

    Informal Impressions - DT531

    Yep. DT531 do improve with an amp. Even X-Can v2.. Maybe I should get a second pair before they are all gone. Mine is getting in a quite bad shape.. *Age thing.. really..*
  4. NetRunner

    Atech Fabrication Machined Aluminum PC Case.

    I saw this actual case linked on Slashdot.. TG got the idea here?
  5. NetRunner

    to FLAC or not to FLAC?

    Well it is debatable if pops are bearable.. I hate them. *Why did Massive Attack go do that on Mezzanine on purpose? Oh why?* It is really a miracle that (universally?) all library cds are so scratched.. Maybe the media should be cased like MD. Though, that would be big. Cd paranoia has of...
  6. NetRunner

    Power Conditioners on the CHEAP

    Has anyone tried mains blocks from Russ Andrews? I'm somewhat interested.. *but broke ATM.. *
  7. NetRunner


    spwal: Going by your avatar, did you interrupt doing just that? (Loving to the tune of cafe del mar..) *j/k...*
  8. NetRunner

    Equipment Stand Recommendations

    I don't know prices there.. I don't own these.. I just know that they look very nice and are very, very configurable! Finite Element: Spider Now, if I had some extra cash, this is what I'd buy.. They have a amp-stand model too: just the base (200kg weight limit for the base and 100kg for...
  9. NetRunner

    New headphones of Sennheiser, pics (not HD650)

    You notice that on their page it says that it has a clamping force of 3.5 N vs. 2.5 N in 600 and 590.. Don't know if that translates into any difference in reality, but strange anyway.
  10. NetRunner

    New headphones of Sennheiser, pics (not HD650)

    Sennheiser says they are velour.. They also say they have "Highly constant, compressed cellulose fleece reduces total harmonic distortion" in there somewhere.. They have the information up on their page.
  11. NetRunner

    New headphones of Sennheiser, pics (not HD650)

    Thanks for the pic! Going by the more sensitivy and angled drivers (they also mention "advanced" diaphragms on their pages) they could sound markedly better than 590, at least different.. BTW is that driver housing plastic? Edit: you where faster.. So it is plastic.
  12. NetRunner

    Expensive CDP or cheap SACD?

    One thing about SACD and Stereophiles' take in limited bandwith at high frequencies was seen at a their Esoteric DV-50 review I just read.. (Description of the fig. 5 at the bottom.) That is, they did a measurement that, at least to me, makes it look like SACD was somehow inferior to DVD-A and...
  13. NetRunner

    recommend some lesser known cds to each other...

    tomek: Well, Stratovarius sounds almost like Sonata Arctica, if you have heard them.. They are very close.
  14. NetRunner

    NORAH JONES: Feels like Home

    rsaavedr: Well.. I kind of put those under the same guitar.. Though those sound like they are backwards. Yep disconnected too..
  15. NetRunner

    To pinkfloyd re:chiarra

    Yes, both things are what I've gathered from you. Just wishing for some second opinions, I guess. =) Maybe after you have built that PPA we hear some more?
  16. NetRunner

    To pinkfloyd re:chiarra

    Heh.. Yes, Jan Meier. Just half kidding, because I'm again kind of on the verge of deciding on something else. Going like this I'll never decide.
  17. NetRunner

    NORAH JONES: Feels like Home

    Sorry, I fail to notice anything odd about that track.. Just lots of guitar string sounds.. But you do hear it on the cd too?
  18. NetRunner

    To pinkfloyd re:chiarra

    Please Jan send the man some samples to review and compare! How can I, poor consumer without access to amps come to a conclusion? So much praise going around.. ½/k..
  19. NetRunner

    I need your help to get rid of a ground loop

    I know nothing about that Minuteman. Maybe its silent.. If you read that review I linked you'll see that that model Powerware was pretty loud (fans), though.
  20. NetRunner

    New headphones of Sennheiser, pics (not HD650)

    Well.. They didn't need to change the design of 650, because it's marketed more with the sound, no? (Of course not totally forgetting the looks..) Also the buyers of 650 more likely have heard the 600 (or heard of), possibly owened too, and the same looks, means it's just a sonic upgrade and...
  21. NetRunner

    How Difficult Would it be to...

    But they would still share the ground. That would be just a regular stereo-amp with two mono outputs. Only benefit could be in the different headphone cable required, but that is doubtfull.. ? No? Where you thinking something else?
  22. NetRunner

    I need your help to get rid of a ground loop

    One other computer UPS to consider could be the Powerware 9000 series (double-conversion online).. Has cooling fans (i.e. definitely not silent). Also saw a review for audio use. Minuteman though does advertices DSP circuitry.. Hmm.. THD still max 2%. Also Powerware says THD <2% on linear load..
  23. NetRunner

    Dazed & Confused (c/o Head-Fi!!!)

    Sovkiller: Odd checked the IE 6 (also XP Pro), but here the page looks good.. (Generally I only use IE for windowsupdate.. IE so fallen behind times.) The text is in the wrong place only if I change the text size from the default medium. Anyways..
  24. NetRunner

    Best high end headphones for low volume listening?

    If you get different headphones and/or cable you might still wish to update your amp too. I find that my X-Can v2 is dull and lifeless if I don't set it to at least a moderate+ volume level. (About half past eight..) Edit: I'm using HD600 with that. Like others have said Senn might need some...
  25. NetRunner

    RME 96/8 PAD - whoa....

    It's just a mp3 (or some other) tag, and yes it probably results in the player scaling the audio when decoding.. (It can't only vary the base volume?) Though, the obvious benefit would be less (or none?) clipping. Try it. You can always simply remove the ReplayGain tags!