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  1. Nevalti

    Review by 'Nevalti' on item 'Benchmark DAC2 HGC'

    If you want the audio spectrum artificially boosted in some way, forget the DAC2. It is neutral - which some *#"~* people describe as boring. They are probably the people driving down the High Street with bass blasting out of their cars. I used a Benchmark DAC1 for a few years. It was neutral...
  2. Nevalti

    Reply to review by 'Nevalti' on item 'Benchmark DAC3 HGC'

    Thanks for your comments about the HT play-through. I effectively lost two digital inputs because the motorised volume control suddenly went 'mad' making one input unusable and later - a second input went 'mad' too. 'Press and hold 'mute' - who would have thought it could cause such problems...
  3. Nevalti

    Travelling more - so I need better portable music

    Thank you for those ideas 'SteveHiFi' (Steve?).  I have just read the threads here about those two. The comments about the Piano Forte ii seem to confirm my belief that ear-buds offer a greater spaciousness than IEMs. Maybe they do exist but I have never heard 'spacious' IEMs and music that...
  4. Nevalti

    FiiO E17 Silicone Case?

    The Fiio X1 silicone case fits the E17 almost perfectly. The cases are available on eBay for £4.90.   You will need to punch a new hole for 'headphones', 'aux' & 'digital in' but that is easy enough.   Without doing anything else, the 'on/off', 'volume', and 'menu' buttons plus the screen...
  5. Nevalti

    Travelling more - so I need better portable music

    Hello   On the basis of various comments here and elsewhere I have bought a Fiio X5 and am looking for the right headphones - so I thought I would stumble around this forum looking for help. I am currently mainly using Jays vJAYS which are surprisingly good but I want (passive) sound isolation...
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