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  1. jeremyrp

    SOLD: Compass + Earth/Moon/Sun HDAM

    I’m putting up for sale my Audio-GD Compass with Earth, Moon, and Sun HDAMs. I’m the original owner, having purchased this about 4 months ago. It’s been my daily listener, with an estimated 1200 hours on it. Only reason I’m selling it is because I’ve upgraded to an Opus w/ tube amp and I’d...
  2. jeremyrp


    Bought some tubes off Doug. Communication was great, items shipped quickly, and were exactly as described. I'd gladly buy from him again!
  3. jeremyrp

    SOLD: iBasso D2

    Now for sale...
  4. jeremyrp

    My Computer is Now the Weakest Link

    One option you could consider for a low power server is a Windows Home Server, such as the HP LX195. While I haven't used it with a Squeezebox, a quick google search shows plenty of people running that. But the nice benefit of a WHS compared to some other options is all the other benefits...
  5. jeremyrp

    SOLD: Bravo Audio Tube Amp

    Sold to Shizdan...
  6. jeremyrp

    SOLD: HD595

    FS: HD595 For sale are a gently used pair of Sennheiser HD595 They are less than 6 months old with about 500 hours of use on them. They are in minty condition; I'm having trouble seeing any scratches or dinks in them at all. Only reason I'm selling them is that they've gotten no use since...
  7. jeremyrp

    SOLD: Bravo Audio Tube Amp

    For sale is a very lightly used Bravo Audio tube amp. If you're uncertain of what this is, check out this thread: If you looking for exact specs of the one that I purchased, you can see the eBay auction that I won here...
  8. jeremyrp


    I bought some ε22 backplanes from Alan. Communication was great, shipping was great, and I'd gladly buy stuff from him again!
  9. jeremyrp

    Amp Kit for Denon D-7000

    I just got my D5000 today, and while they aren't even remotely broken in, they sound awesome through the MiniMax. Very different from the HD650... A quick google search showed this: Again, I can't speak highly enough about the MiniMax...
  10. jeremyrp

    Amp Kit for Denon D-7000

    I can't speak to what will go well with the Denons, but I just finished the Millett Hybrid MiniMAX and it was a dream of a kit to build. Documentation/instructions are very detailed and simple. And the amp sounds amazing with my HD650s. MiniMAX Overview It looks like Beezar now offers a...
  11. jeremyrp

    Woo Audio Headphone Stand Slides

    What I've done for similar situations (not Woo stands, but other stuff sliding around), is I bought a roll of non-skid drawer liner from Target/whatever big-box store you prefer. Basically this - Grip-It Shelf and Drawer Liner - Black: Home & Garden - for $2-5. Then I cut to whatever...
  12. jeremyrp

    Headphone Stand

    I was highly impressed with the stands that Towert7's dad (Von) makes at the recent NYC. The Woo Audio are also quite sturdy and solid. If you want "pretty wood" stands for multiple headphones that are very good for the price, I'd go for Von's. If...
  13. jeremyrp

    Speakers on a budget?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Towert7 Where would you find high quality drivers? I can't offer any recommendations based upon experience (I'm still overloaded working on a couple of DIY amps), but here are a few links to sites/kits/plans that I've gathered from here or google. I'm...
  14. jeremyrp

    NY area meet Nov 14, 2009 impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by erikzen I'm open for a bigger, better place. My only concern is having enough time to find a location that can accomodate quarter of a million dollars worth of audio equipment and 50 headphone geeks. Earlier this year, a table-top strategy game club...
  15. jeremyrp


    I bought some ε22 backplane boards from him. Communication was great and they shipped quickly. I'd gladly buy from him again...
  16. jeremyrp

    How do you transport your headphones?

    I've been looking at ordering a couple custom foam trays from Battle Foam: Battlefoam V2 A couple of friends swear by them for custom/unique foam layouts. Good service, quality product, etc... Prices range from $20-30 per tray depending upon tray size.
  17. jeremyrp


    I purchased a pair of HD650 from Andrew. Communication was great. They were exactly as described, he packaged them securely, and shipped promptly upon payment. I'd gladly buy from him again!
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