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  1. AndrewG


    Exactly! Always works out that way in life
  2. AndrewG

    HeadAmp Pico Power: Pre-Order Thread

    Ordered orange in early Feb, hope they havent forgot about me
  3. AndrewG

    JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions

    How long is the ETA for an order shipment/arrive? I ordered late March
  4. AndrewG

    HeadAmp Pico Power: Pre-Order Thread

    has it shipped yet for people order in january?
  5. AndrewG

    JH Audio JH16 Pro First Impressions

    Would JH Audio send the impressions info I had from like a year ago, so I can use with another company? I emailed them a few times and got no response, and the one reply I did seemed unwilling. 
  6. AndrewG


    can you stream from a server to the hifiman?
  7. AndrewG

    <Renewed at 2012/03/12>The new HiFiMAN 802 & New UI named "Tai-Chi"

    I am still more interested in this then the DX100. iBasso isn't exactly known for premium products, more affordable and 'good enough' high end products. Hifiman on the other hand represents the absolute best. I am also not interested in a slow and laggy android device, a hifiman is just a...
  8. AndrewG

    <Renewed at 2012/03/12>The new HiFiMAN 802 & New UI named "Tai-Chi"

    will the 802 work as a USB dac/amp? as USB or coaxial only?
  9. AndrewG

    What's the fastest headphones?

    electrostatic need its own amp, right? are there any dynamic ones that can achieve this quality?  
  10. AndrewG

    Triad L3 black

    Great condition, it is in the black enclosing but I'm including the wooden one as well. Includes charger
  11. AndrewG

    why can't I get the sound I once had? same set-up sounds different

    I don't think it is nostalgia because even before it i had a prior ed 9, and it didnt sound that good.  this one was different, the sound was silk smooth but faster than any other headphone. since then I've had probably five more edition 9s and none of them had that magic sound. I am going to...
  12. AndrewG

    why can't I get the sound I once had? same set-up sounds different

    in 2009 or so I had a set-up that was the best for me. It produced insane speed and resolution, it was other worldly. the set-up included recabled editon 9s, coming out of RSA portable amp, with a pico DAC... not very fancy I know. but it was the first time in headphones that magic happened and...
  13. AndrewG

    ALO Continental V1 silver

    FS/FT: ALO Continental V1 silver. Includes everything + original box, 100 hours use. 8/10. A very good rich, musical tube sound, that is impossible to get with any other portable amp. Very 'analog"
  14. AndrewG

    WTB: Sennheiser HD800

    does anyone have an HD800 for sale? let me know thank you
  15. AndrewG

    CyberLabs Solo

    ugh nvm
  16. AndrewG

    Apogee Duet 2

    As new, just used for a few hours, Includes everything and original box/cables. I will ship anywhere. If you have something in trade, I am looking for separate amp/dacs, preferably ray samuels/pico.
  17. AndrewG

    FS: Grado HF2s/Apogee Duet 2/iPad 2

    These items I will ship anywhere in the world. PM me if you would like to work out a deal, thank you! I can hear offers but no lowballing   HF-2s mint with box, $400.00   Apogee Duet 2 - $495.00   iPad 2 black 16 GB wifi - tiny dent on corner - $375.00, $395 with leather case.  ...
  18. AndrewG

    big storage ipod with no clickwheel lag?

    what is the biggest storage ipod option, with no lag in using it? I tried the ipod classic 7th gen but it was way too laggy to scroll through it. is it ipod 5? I would also like hard drive upgrade for it. what is the highest upgrade available?
  19. AndrewG

    Ipad 2 16 GB wifi

    The ipad is black BTW
  20. AndrewG

    HF-2 for RS-1?

    Anyone want to trade their RS-1 for it. I can add some $$ perhaps.
  21. AndrewG

    What is the verdict on apogee duet two?

    Is it the best dac amp in its price range? People said that about duet 1 but duet 2 is supposed to be better l
  22. AndrewG

    Apogee Duet 2

    Hi I PMd you.
  23. AndrewG

    iPad 2 16GB, Nintendo 3DS, Canon Powershot SL210 camera

    The 3ds is sold. I cant edit for some reason
  24. AndrewG

    Rockboxd HM-801 with 64 GB content in SD cards

    I bought it from this gentleman only last month:   Selling for a dedicated DAC/AMP. If you want me to restore to regular 801 software instead of rockbox I will