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  1. ak711

    Xears TD4 - Did anyone try them already?

    I had the TD100III (not the V2) and have the N3i, and ive ordered the TD4 so i will post some feedback when they arrive!
  2. ak711

    [REVIEW] TFTA 1XB IEMs (TFTA's flagship IEM)

    Ive got about 50hours of burn in on these but something for me is missing in the vocals, other than that they isolate quite well and the bass is fantastic.  WIll the vocals open up a bit more?   EDIT: I changed to the bi-flange tips that came with my DUNU Tridents, the vocals are now...
  3. ak711

    £60-£100 to spend on a sturdy bass IEM

    I got them today...   Feck me the bass hurts :D   There is a fair amount of driver flex but not as bad as the XEars. These are burning in, hopefully the clarity will come out soon. Although these are good, so far not £100 worth.   @luco, what tips do you use?
  4. ak711

    £60-£100 to spend on a sturdy bass IEM

    Thank you for the replys! Denon look the part (SQ wise) but i heard the cable is either too long or too short so im staying away.   I was thinking about the hephaes but from the mega thread, i got the impression they arent much of a step up from the tridents. What are the differences?  ...
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