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  1. dclaz

    Help me pick a set of high end headphones!

    Hey guys, soon enough I'll be getting what I hope to be a fairly decent headphone amp and DAC (The LH Labs Geek Pulse Xfi) and would love to pair it with a set particularly capable headphones. I'm hoping they will be a big upgrade from Sennheiser Momentums and Shure IEM's I've been using...
  2. dclaz

    Suitability of starquad balanced cables with powered studio monitors

    Hi all,   I recently bought some Canare L-4E6S starquad cables for use with a pair of active studio monitors, however I've now read that starquad is potentially an inferior design for this application due to the increased capacitance. Is this likely to be a problem over small runs? The cables...
  3. dclaz

    Need suggestions for PC/Desk speakers and DAC solution

    Hey guys, I've finally decided that I can spend some cash and get a nice audio set up for my computer. I'm looking at spending around 1k for a good audio solution. Note that I'm in Australia and we don't get quite as good value as the rest of the world :(    I'm keen on getting an external DAC...
  4. dclaz

    PC Speakers to fill a room with sound.

    Hey guys,   Been interested in getting some decent PC speakers to pair with a Titanium HD/Xonar STX for a while now. Had my eyes on the Swan MK200III or the Audioengine A5+ or something, but from reading a lot of threads here I've gathered that these can be very directional (near field). Is...