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  1. SpienerVince

    Dutch Headphone Meet 2015 ( Germans & Belgians Welcome! )

    Dear Head-Fi guys/girls,   Together with Poulissen Hifi in Roermond I arranged a meeting. It will be on a Saturday, because they will be closed on Sunday. If we can pick a date and let them know with how many people we will be, the meeting is arranged!     List of attendants: -...
  2. SpienerVince

    *Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

    Dear Head-Fi guys/girls,   Because these babies deserve there own thread! Share your setup and talk about there awesomo factor 
  3. SpienerVince


    For all the head-fi guys/girls who own a Macintosh! Share your experience and feelings, post a picture or just chat about your latest purchase! If you have problems or need some help, just share it with us!   I will post pictures soon, I have the following iDevices:   iMac 21,5"          ...