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  1. KevM2

    SOLD: Dali Mentor 2 Speakers shipped $875 shipped

    Excellent price for these speakers. Includes grills and original box.           There are a few minor dings and scratches in the veneer and a tiny chip in the paint on the baffle on one of the speakers, but otherwise the speakers are in great condition. More pictures available...
  2. KevM2

    Audio-GD DAC-19MK3 $335 ** Sold **

    Just upgraded my DAC in a rather significant fashion, so I'm letting this one go at a very reasonable price. Continental US only. Works perfectly fine. Only cosmetic damage is a stripped screw which you can see in the side view and I've also provided a close-up.  ...
  3. KevM2

    EF1 with HiFlight Upgrade Kit $195 shipped

    ** continental us only! ** SOLD Selling an EF-1. Comes with HiFlights upgrade Kit (JJ ECC82 tube and AD743JN Op-Amp), the stock OPA opamp and an AD8599. It will also come with the RCA silvertop. Good condition. Scratch on the bottom and the sticker on the bottom is fading as pictures...
  4. KevM2

    FS: HD600 w/ Equinox $350

    Getting out of the headphone game and into speakers, so I'm trying to ship these out. HD600 retail for $300 new, as does the SAA Equinox cables. Equinox is terminated via mini, but 1/4 adapter is also included. I'm also including stock HD600 and HD650 cables if you want to do experimenting...
  5. KevM2

    Playstation 3 a surprisingly good source?

    The PS3 is a gaming machine first and foremost, but I am just amazed at how versatile this system is for media. It seems like there is a very noticeable difference when I listen through music through my PS3 compared to running through a couple of other options. Here is my setup (using the...
  6. KevM2

    Differences in sound quality between amp price ranges?

    I was curious just how drastic the differences are between different price ranges of amps. I know that tubes have a different sound than solid state, but is there a significant difference in sound quality between the price ranges of amps or is it more of a 'getting the fine details out' sort of...