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  1. 2Erly

    Audeze LCD3

    Up for sale is my pair of Audeze LCD3s pre fazor. They have less than 50 hrs on them and are in excellent condition, they were used occasionally to my 007s. They come with everything, box, cloth/wood treatment, and cables. Looking to get these gone. Have any questions feel free to shoot me a pm...
  2. 2Erly

    The Stax Thread III

            I hope its not anything drastic as Im not at all handy with this type of stuff
  3. 2Erly

    Audeze LCD2 Rev 1

  4. 2Erly

    The Stax Thread III

    Hm. So Ive already decided that I'll be coming over to the Stax camp but still going back and forth whether I want to go with the 007MK1/2 or 009s... Can someone give me some insight on which I should lean towards given my experiences & preferences? Im also a 1 headphone kind of guy so while I...
  5. 2Erly

    Audeze LCD2 rev2 w/ wood connectors

  6. 2Erly

    D7000, decision...

    Thanks for the help so far guys. I have my denon D7000s now, running them straight from my MBP and they sound crazy even now. I actually decided I may up my  price limit to 800-1k after hearing these things lol. Im considering a Burson 160D as a amp/dac, would you say that's a large upgrade from...
  7. 2Erly

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    Any deals on D7000s? I know a couple of months ago there were good deals on them OR a site that's legit and will take offers? I'm looking for a brand new pair
  8. 2Erly

    D7000, decision...

    How do the Schiit Asgard + bifrost improve the sound? and is it comparable to the Matrix Mstage?   ---
  9. 2Erly

    Grado RS-1s

    My brother is planning on buying a pair of Grado RS-1s which he is gonna use mainly for rock, He won't be using them all the time so I wanna sneak in some time with them . When I listen I switch between rock, hiphop, and electronic. I've read the Grados are great with rock but are they really...
  10. 2Erly

    Recommendations for Best headphones on the market (new and old)

    Hello, Im looking for some help. My Shure E2Cs cable recently snapped and Im looking for a new pair of headphones just to use for my Ipod and computer, but not for very crazy price (under 200). If u guys could recommend me a earbud type and "earmuff" type that would help since Im not sure which...