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  1. DenonBeaver

    Schiit Lyr w/ Various Tubes

    Up for sale is my Schiit Lyr amp. I purchased this from another Head-Fi member around one year ago and it's worked great. Recently upgraded to a new amp and have no use for the Lyr.    Overall the amp is in very good shape.  Two items to call out: Volume knob - The allen bolt that holds the...
  2. DenonBeaver

    WireWorld Starlight 7 USB Digital A to B 1M

    Up for sale is a WireWorld Starlight 7 USB audio cable. This is a digital A to B connection (not mini). Length is 1m.  I no longer run USB to my DAC but when I did this cable was amazing compared to a standard USB connection. This cable retails for $100   I do not have the original packaging...
  3. DenonBeaver

    Tungsram 6922

    Up for sale are a set of Tungsram 6922 tubes. These retail for $60 each, I'll sell the pair for $60. I have way too many tubes so figured I would get rid of some. Very good detail can lift the veil off a tough set of cans. Zero background noise. Ordered from Upscale Audio see the link below for...
  4. DenonBeaver

    SPDIF Question

    This is a question I've never been able to get a clear answer to. I'm running a Schiit Bifrost DAC thru the SPIF output of my sound card. Schiit has specified that the SPIF input on their Bifrost is the best connector to use sound quality wise. My sound card only outputs at max 2 channel, 16...
  5. DenonBeaver

    Sound Card with Coaxial Out

    I have a Schiit Bifrost which is suppose to sound the best with Coaxial. I need a new sound card that is 24/192khz with Coaxial out. Does this card have coaxial out?
  6. DenonBeaver

    Schiit Asgard 1

    I upgraded to the Schiit Lyr so no reason for me to keep the Asgard 1 around. The amp is in great shape other than the headphone logo right above the jack input is slightly smudged (see picture) besides that's there isn't a scratch on it. Power cable, original box and manual included. Please add...
  7. DenonBeaver

    Fiio E17

    Selling my Fiio E17 amp/dac, don't use it much anymore so letting it go. It's in mint condition. Box, manuals and all accessories included. Paypal and shipping included in price.
  8. DenonBeaver

    Schiit Bifrost w/ USB and Asgard

    Decided I'm going to part with my Schiit Bifrost w/ USB & Asgard. Just picked these two beauties up from another head-fi'er but after hours of listening decided to go with the Yulong instead. Both items are in excellent condition. PYST cables are included as well. As you can see from the...
  9. DenonBeaver

    EQ Question

    I'm totally a novice to this just as a warning. I'm running a Schiit Bitfrost DAC through my windows 7 pc via usb. I listen to almost 100% of my music through Spotify. I know that messing with EQ's degrades the sound quality but I'm trying figure a way to boost the bass output by a few notches...