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  1. onthefence

    Looking for an IEM that fits these specific criteria..

    Quote: Good isolation is a must for me, so I can't go with the IE8. Also why are you saying I should be looking at positioning and imagine instead of a big soundstage?
  2. onthefence

    What are the best IEMs that can be worn Straight-down and NOT Over-the-ear?

    I'm still having trouble finding something... Any other advice?  
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  4. onthefence

    I want a soundstage that sounds "epic". Everything I've tried is distant, hollow, muffled, etc...

    I have tried a few IEMs that were said to have decent soundstages, but when I listened to them in crowded areas (in a casino, specifically) they sounded distant or muffled and made me feel as if I was not "in" the music. Songs sounded better on my stock CAR stereo because they seemed to put...
  5. onthefence

    Is an Ipod Nano 5th Generation really that bad?

    I just received one of these and decided I want a good pair of IEMs to upgrade my sound quality. This led me to head-fi forums and to the fact that an Ipod Nano 5th Gen isnt as good as a Sansa for sound quality. But really, how different will it be? Day vs night, or much more subtle? Facts...