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  1. Tomcat

    ATH-W5000 Preliminary Impression

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nik I can't imagine the happyness of my dear friend Tomcat... Nicola, You're cruel. The W11JPN has been introduced in 1998 and was limited to 2000 pairs. Getting them is a major problem. As you know, even the pair overlunge listened to wasn't his...
  2. Tomcat

    some W5000 thoughts from around the net

    Quote: Originally Posted by overlunge To my ears, the ranking from more analytical to musical sound... W1000>W10LTD>W2002>W100>W11R>L3000>W10VTG>W11JPN overlunge, Thanks! That's very helpful to me. It seems I need to get hold of a W11JPN. Damn, I was afraid of that.
  3. Tomcat

    Sony R10 world's best closed headphone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood The R10's are not entirely acoustically sealed. While they leak a lot less sound than open phones like the RS-1's, someone sitting right next to you will probably hear something. But across the room, they probably won't. Ed, Basically, it was...
  4. Tomcat

    Sony R10 world's best closed headphone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by FeetAsleep So even with my RS-1 I guess some people in the house still have the need to complain about it leaking sound FeetAsleep, The R10 does not isolate well. As a matter of fact, I'd say it leaks as much sound as a fully open headphone. If you...
  5. Tomcat

    HD-650 woodie headphile mod. Am I going to effect the sound negatively?

    Quote: Originally Posted by JaZZ So technically speaking, the closed back on the HD 600/650 is a bad design, in that it makes the original goal of music reproduction -- high fidelity -- impossible in a narrower sense. And independent of what any listener's ears will tell him/her, it's...
  6. Tomcat

    HD-650 woodie headphile mod. Am I going to effect the sound negatively?

    Quote: Originally Posted by halcyon Of course, the proof is in the eating of pudding, so if one likes it - no harm done. halcyon, And that's exactly what renders virtually all measurements useless. Whenever we measure performance we do it with the implication that our...
  7. Tomcat

    Vibration Control. New Toys! 56k warning.

    Quote: Originally Posted by jerb Adding plates to an enclosure is simple inertia; the object now has more mass for the source of the vibrations to move. because of this it deadens vibration because assuming the intensity(is that the right word?) of the vibration stays constant it will...
  8. Tomcat

    WHO has ordered the ATH-W5000??? Who is thinking about it???

    Quote: Originally Posted by raisin I can't see them offering a significant voicing advantage over the L3000's, so no, i don't anticipate ordering a pair. They sure are purdy, though! raisin, With their enclosures made from macassar ebony instead of asada cherry wood/leather...
  9. Tomcat

    Audio-Technica new wood cans...ATH-W5000

    Quote: Originally Posted by halcyon In general, it is IMHO, very difficult to make a world class closed headphone that competes with fully open designs. halcyon, I have always felt that it was just the other way around. Whenever there is a choice bewtenn a fully open or a...
  10. Tomcat

    Garrard 401 deck

    Quote: Originally Posted by dom_ yes, im afraid an sme3012 doesnt cut it these days. Dom, I don't know. An SME 3012-2 with steel knife edge bearing doesn't cut it these days? Just like an old Garrard 301 doesn't cut it these days? There are quite a few people who believe...
  11. Tomcat

    Garrard 401 deck

    Dom, Congratulations! That's a beautiful turntable! I think it's almost scandalous that no manufacturer produces idler whell turntables any more. Once you have heard a properly restored 301 or 401, there's no turning back. There is something so fundamentally right about the fundamentals...
  12. Tomcat

    Audio-Technica new wood cans...ATH-W5000

    Quote: Originally Posted by bobeau That said the few ebony backed guitars I tried had a sound I really did not like, very bright. bobeau, That's what I'm a little afraid of, concerning the W5000.
  13. Tomcat

    Audio-Technica new wood cans...ATH-W5000

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sugano-san How "golden" are your DIY cuboids? That is to say, how precisely were you able to reproduce the 0.618 : 1 : 1.618 ratio that Cardas alleges their cuboids comply with? (Do you believe in the first place that the Cardas cuboids are accurately...
  14. Tomcat

    Audio-Technica new wood cans...ATH-W5000

    What a beautiful headphone! It looks gorgeous. I just hope it will sound as smooth and musical as my beloved W100. Ebony can have a tendency to emphasize the frequency extremes, but at the same time it tends to sound very clear and transparent. Musically, it could -- well, it should -- be...
  15. Tomcat

    rich+warm interconnect for $150?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tone i love a tubey rich sound with good bass and soundstage (i realize now that silver is a mistake for me). any recommendations? would a cardas interconnect be a good choice for me? tone, Yes, of course. The Cardas house sound is on the warm...
  16. Tomcat

    Cable differences

    Quote: Originally Posted by EdipisReks of course, how the cable material, independent of the impedance, would change the quality of a signal is beyond me, so i think it's a moot point anyway. Yup. Most theories work much better if we make reality fit the theory - and not the other...
  17. Tomcat

    12at7 - 12ax7

    Quote: Originally Posted by cpw In what way are they "more different"? Voltage requirements? I'm asking here cuz I dunno. CPW, Pin-out, heater voltage and heater current are identical within the 12AU7/12AT7/12AX7 group. I believe one can safely try any of them. But the gain...
  18. Tomcat

    The paradox that is the Sony MDR-R10

    A couple of systems ago, I visited Nik and listened to his R10 driven by his huge, custom-made, two-box, fully tube-regulated Angstrom Reference Headphone Amplifier. This combo provided the most slamming, satisfying and awe-inspiring bass response I ever heard from any headphone-amp combo...
  19. Tomcat

    Any Audio Technica ATH-W100 experts that can help me?

    Quote: Originally Posted by thrice So if I wanted to treat mine, which would be better? thrice, I'm afraid that's the one million dollar question. I just used antique wax on the W100 because I had it at hand. It's mostly used for antique furniture. I apply it from time to time...
  20. Tomcat

    Are high price sources worth it?

    Quote: Originally Posted by timo_nyc a model of reality should not be confused with the reality of the model. Beautiful quote.
  21. Tomcat

    Are high price sources worth it?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Samuli I think it's not the science behind audio equipment that is lacking, but the science of human hearing and processing of sounds. Before these are fully, or more realistically, enough understood there will remain some 'voodoo' in hi-fi. Samuli...
  22. Tomcat

    Are high price sources worth it?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Leporello OTOH, measuring music "scientifically" (if we only knew how) could be quite interesting. I have always thought that music and reproduction of it should be kept separated. It does not make sense to judge "accuracy" of music, for example. With...
  23. Tomcat

    Review: Eastern Electric MiniMax Tube Output CD Player/Headphone Amp

    elnero, That's a splendid review. Congratulations (on the review and the MiniMax)! The MiniMax sure looks impressive and very solidly built. It seems the RS-1 likes the very low output impedance only solid state amplification can provide. I would have thought an all-tube chain would be...
  24. Tomcat

    Ack! dAck! vs. DAC1?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zoide I'd read elsewhere that it was supposed to have a very "vinyl-like" sound, and in my search for what a "vinyl" sound would be (I don't have a TT), I read that vinyl sounded much more "live" and in a sense more groovy. But the way you guys describe it it...
  25. Tomcat

    Vibration Dampening?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bosk ... My only concerns in making one would be A) the cost of some of these woods being rather steep B) building with enough accuracy to ensure perfectly flat & level shelves C) that sad fact that I have no carpentry or joinery skills whatsoever ...