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  1. jarrsquare

    Looking for new heaphones, $100-$200 budget

    hi, so i currently have an AKG K550 and a Fiio E12 amp.  i'm happy with my purchases, but i'd like to purchase another pair of headphones :D i recently checked out the grado sr80e and i just love how it looks! however, i read online that it would hurt my ears after wearing for a long period...
  2. jarrsquare

    Need help choosing DAC/AMP for AKG K550

    Hi guys! :D  I'm having a hard time choosing a DAC/AMP for my AKG K550. My current choices are: Fiio E11, E12, E17, and E07K. I really really like the E11 but not being able to charge while listening just sucks because I'll be using it on my desktop most of the time.    I'd like the DAC/AMP...
  3. jarrsquare

    Help - Need speakers for desktop

    Hi, I'm jarr and I'm currently looking for 2.1 speakers ^^ I am currently living in the Philippines, so it would be really hard to find some brands and I don't like ordering online. However, I can also purchase the speakers in Taiwan. ^^ My budget is $200 ± $50, but I hope to stay on or...