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  1. vesther

    Used Etymotic Research ER4PT (ER4P with ER4S Adapter; Price negotiable by buyer)

    **SOLD OUT** This thread is no longer available. Unfortunately, after 2 1/2 years with these, I am forced to sell this. Preliminary price $100 USD, not set in stone, PM me if you want to negotiate a price before buying (Lower or higher is OK) as price is negotiable subject to seller...
  2. vesther

    SOLD OUT Shure SE535 (Clear)

    ** SOLD OUT ** I will test out these before shipping them out.   I will include an iPhone-compatible adapter for iPhone users.   I had these from October 2011.  They are still functional, but I don't use them too much anymore.   The clear wires are green, but working well.  New noise...
  3. vesther

    Cancelled: 80GB 5G Apple iPod (White)

    I do regret to announce that I have no choice but to cancel this ad due to the following reasons: * I have decided to sell the good to someone most local to me I appreciate your concerns and/or understanding in this matter, although I appreciate your past interest in this topic. Hopefully...