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  1. neilnpatel

    RHA T20 New Unopened UK

    Type: For Sale Currency: GBP Price: £90 Ship to: UK Brand new RHA T20. Unopened box. Received directly from RHA. Paypal (verified) or Paym transfer or cash on pickup (london)
  2. neilnpatel

    Ortofon E-Q5 - New with warranty in the UK

    Yeah I can but the price outside of UK is £120. £100 In the UK
  3. neilnpatel

    Ortofon E-Q5 - New with warranty in the UK

    Hello, I am selling new Ortofon E-Q5. I ordered them for a friend but was not able to give him them. I would have kept them but i prefer my klipsch X10. They are new. They come in the metal container, with everything you would expect e.g. filters, foam tips, filter cleaning tool. (i.e anything...
  4. neilnpatel

    Replacement for my Denon C751

    not any ety if u want powerful bass
  5. neilnpatel

    Advice for an IEM virgin

    er-6i is great when the vilume is low but the er-4p are way better, if u can push for themdo it
  6. neilnpatel

    WTB: Er-4P replacement cable

    would be willing to pay £30 -$50 for a cable.   Note i am in the uk.   here is a link to what i need.
  7. neilnpatel

    Weird buzzing in etymotic Er-4p

    Quote: Originally Posted by Golden Monkey I'd check with the place you bought them from, and see if they can be returned or checked out. You may also have some sort of mechanical resonance issue, like a loose filter. Try changing out teh filter and see if that helps. well atm i...
  8. neilnpatel

    Weird buzzing in etymotic Er-4p

    hi, i purchased these brand new about a month ago and i have this problem now.(which btw is identical to a problem i had with er-6i) In one channel there is a buzzing noise when there is music with bass(i am not even talking about much bass either) i am using an ipod nano but it happens...
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