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  1. [H] SONY IER-M9 IER M9 (Shipped) [W] PAYPAL, LOCAL CASH

    $750 CONUS Shipped via Paypal. $700 Local Cash Anaheim, CA more Pics
  2. imackler

    Feedback by 'imackler' on listing 'Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020'

    Quick payment and great communication. Excellent buyer! (And he was patient while FedEx was doing who knows what :)
  3. imackler

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    I've got to recommend, once again, the Westone star tips. I would get a multi-size pack and see what fits!
  4. Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020

    Andromeda 2020. B-Stock, 1st Owner. Includes packaging and accessories. None of the original tips have been used. Only used a couple days, and only at my desk. $900 Shipped CONUS. $860 Local pick up in Anaheim, CA. Dunu SA6 and Moondrop Blessing 2. Second Owner...
  5. imackler

    Feedback by 'imackler' on listing 'New Shanling Q1 DAP w Screensaver (US Shipping Included)'

    Great transaction and excellent communication with a genuinely nice guy! Thank you!
  6. imackler

    Precog's IEM Reviews & Impressions

    @Precogvision I've been reading some of your reviews. Is there an output impedance that you prefer for the Andromeda 2020? Would you use high or ultra on iematch normally? Thank you!
  7. imackler

    Earbuds Round-Up

    I've bene doing some searching and haven't found one yet, but does anyone know of an earbud "ranking list." I know such things are really subjective, but I've enjoyed Crinacles on inearfidelity but that's only iems (and now headphones). Do you all know of an earbud resource like that? Or does...
  8. New Shanling Q1 DAP w Screensaver (US Shipping Included)

    Sealed. Comes with screensaver. Red. (Cellophane is coming off as I almost opened it.)
  9. imackler

    Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.5

    Since this thread has so many responses, I'm going to ask this question here: If I want to rip my CDs into flac with information and album art readable by Shanling daps, which program do you recommend I use? My library is kind of a mess so I want to start fresh but it's so frustrating when album...
  10. imackler

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    For anyone who has both the ER4SR and the ER2SE, does one get used more than the other? Which do you grab the most often? If you switch between the two, is there a certain genre you listen to with each?
  11. imackler

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Go to Slickdeals website and search for etymotic. If the deals are still active, they'll be there.
  12. imackler

    WTT: [H] OG Solaris, OG Andromeda [W] 2020 Andromeda

    Looking for 2020 Andromeda. Might be interested in a trade of some kind. Shoot me a pm!
  13. imackler

    [WTB] 3.5mm iFi iematch

    Please comment and then shoot me a pm with any details regarding wear, packing and cost shipped to 92806. Thanks!
  14. imackler

    crinacle's IEM Ranking List

    @crinacle You added the UE4! Thank you immensely!
  15. imackler

    USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

    Does anyone know of a dongle that has an output impedance between 2-3 so I don't have to use an iematch with my OG Andromeda? Looking for something that is hiss free with sensitive iems, too. Thank you!