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  1. vrenlos

    Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear Brown LNIB shipped conus

    Hello all! I recently jumped on a set of these and love the way they sound, but unfortunately I suffer from big ear-edness and the cups are just too small for me. These have been used in my office via a Magni/Modi stack for all of 2 hours, absolutely good as new. Includes all of the original...
  2. vrenlos

    Philips Fidelio L1 in box, great condition - Shipped CONUS

    Hey all, I had purchased these off of another head-fi'er a few months back, and they're in excellent condition as well as sounding great. My only issue (and reason for selling) is that I can't use them in my office environment because they aren't well isolated being a semi-open design. Pictures...
  3. vrenlos

    Sennheiser IE8's Great cond., incl. tips and original packaging

    Hello everyone!   I bought these IE8's over the summer from another member of these forums (Sunmermaster, have his original receipt and registered w/ Sennheiser at the end of August 2010).  They're really phenomenal sounding IEM's, but to be honest I find myself using my Monster Turbines...
  4. vrenlos


    I purchased a "like new" set of Shure SRH440's from her over the weekend, and they were literally in the mail first thing on Monday morning as promised...I'm listening to them right now! Everything came well packed in the original packaging and is absolutely flawless. This was the definition...
  5. vrenlos

    FT: Klipsch Custom2 like new

    Hey everyone, I just picked up a set of Klipsch Custom 2's and to be honest I had absolutely no luck getting a seal with any of the included sleeves. I was able to slide on some from an old set of e2c's which helped a ton, but I'm thinking that I might want a set of over-the-ear phones for work...