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  1. live1

    New jvc ha fr202v extreme explosives iems

    Ok guys I have and love my jvc xterm explosives I have fx 3x  And fx1x    and fx 101  but what are these new ones with 11mm drivers they are the biggest yet as the 101 are 8 mm the 3x and 1x are 10mm is the link they sell them in my local shops in uk.has anyone tried them yet they...
  2. live1

    sgs5 rmma results gsm arena

    looks good ,the htc m8 are eve but has more powerful amp
  3. live1

    nokia 808 pureview vs n8

    so im using n8 its sc is amazing ,the pureview 808 was reviewed on gsm arena and got good rmma numbers.if any1 has the nokia 808 and n8 please ab them using iem or cans
  4. live1

    if i buy a sony or a cowon d2 will it have a volume cap

    im in the uk and dont like english ipods cos of the eu volume restriction .do sony and cowon have this problem,or is apple the only company abiding by this law
  5. live1

    any1 got rmma for iphone 3g

    i would like to see the rmma results for the 3g