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  1. FrozenGecko

    What is this song?!

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread like this already, but anyways. I often hear songs that I don't know the name to. I figure i'm not the only one so post lyrics or a video that has the song in. Here's mine. The lyrics go like this "im ready to go hit the party no staying home are you...
  2. FrozenGecko

    WTB: Sun & Moon OPA for My Compass

    I live in the CONUS and have good feedback on the forums. Looking for new or used Sun and Moon OPA's. Pm me your price
  3. FrozenGecko

    SOLD: HiFiMAN EF2 + Ratheon 6AK5 tubes

    SOLD I am curious if anyone is interested in my HiFiMAN EF2. I've only had it since the middle of november. I also bought some Raytheon tubes to go with it since I heard it was a big upgrade. It probably doesn't even have 100 hours on it. I do like it, but I saw a great deal on a Audiogd...
  4. FrozenGecko

    Stereo Receiver

    Okay, I am currently looking to buy a stereo receiver(I think). I mostly want it for changing inputs to minimize the amount of plugging and unplugging I have to do. I'm assuming that's what I should get is a stereo receiver. I'm not looking to power any speakers, but that function wouldn't be...
  5. FrozenGecko

    Help me buy a scanner :D

    I am looking for a color scanner for 150$ or less. Please give me suggestions on what's good or not. Not looking for anything special. Just for scanning photos, artwork and other such things. Last time looked at scanners (a year/6months ago) I was considering was the Epson Perfection 2480 but...
  6. FrozenGecko

    SOLD: Alessandro MS-1 (recabled + j$ cups/tips+headband)

    My main reasons for selling these is that I just don't enjoy the grado sound much. The comfort of the bowl pads is also annoying to me. They are almost new, with 20 hours of burn-in with pink noise and less than 10 hours of actually listening. They were recabled with recabled w/ Kimber TCSS...
  7. FrozenGecko

    Am I weird? or do I just like closed cans?

    I recently purchase ATH-ES7's(ESW9a pads) and BD-DT770/80(Used, recabled w/ monoprice twisted CL2 rated 18awg wire + neutrik NP3C plug. flatter akg k271/240 pads). I also own Alessandro MS-1's (j$ wood cups/headband(v3) + recabled w/ Kimber TCSS stranded teflon coated). Today I tried to test...
  8. FrozenGecko

    How to: Getting rid of the Fiio E5 buzz

    I just got my Fiio E5 today, I plugged it in and let it charge. Came back and started testing it with my Alessandro MS-1. I am very happy with it, but later when I started to play with it some more I noticed a buzz/fuzz when nothing was playing. I figured out that the buzz/fuzz was caused by...