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  2. vrenlos

    Audio Technica AD-700

    That was fast! Pending.
  3. vrenlos

    Audio Technica AD-700

    Hey all,   I recently bought these from another head-fi'er, but wound up winning an auction on ebay for another set at the same time.  I decided to keep both and so went ahead and gave them a bit of a paint job, but realistically I don't need a work and home pair of the same cans.  I'll be...
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    2013-02-07 01.16.47.jpg
  5. vrenlos

    The ATH-AD700 Discussion Thread

    Just gave my new set a little make-over and did the whole dynamat and remove foam mod.  Currently letting my fill settle in, but they sound and look pretty damn sexy!    
  6. vrenlos

    Stolen headphones, hope you enjoy them jerk

    What a scummer.   I can def. relate - I had my house broken into a few weeks ago and they stole my messenger bag (presumably to carry more of my belongings in).  My SE530's AND my good old e2c's were in one of the pockets along with my trusty 5 year old ipod.
  7. vrenlos

    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Very true...also found two old tube testers - one from circa 1946 and another from probably 60-70's with updated charts for testing.  Both work.   It's probably going to take me a few days to haul most of this stuff home but I'll catalog it all and let everyone know what I've got.  As of now...
  8. vrenlos

    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Excellent, thanks.  I'm going to cart these home over the next few days and I'll try to catalog what I've got.  I'm pretty sure I saw a handful of 12AT7's, but there's probably a total of a few hundred to look through.
  9. vrenlos

    Triplefi 10vi - about 2 hours total on them - Have been sent to Ebay

  10. vrenlos

    IE8 recable?

    Has anyone gone about actually measuring the spacing and diameter of the pins?  They look like, to my eye, standard .1" spacing.  In this case you could probably use a plain old 2-pin molex type (or other generic) connector so long as there is no surrounding sheathing/plastic.   Just my two...
  11. vrenlos

    want to rewire shure se420

    I just mentioned this to someone else - while I'm confident I can do the rewiring (I'm an electrical engineer and solder things basically for a living on a much smaller scale) I wouldn't want to take the risk of messing up your earphones either.   If you decide to replace the se420s with...
  12. vrenlos

    Westone 3's right ear cutting in and out. Need to rewire?

    I've never done any rewiring at the speaker end, but I'm an electrical engineer and I've soldered my fair share of extremely tiny parts, so it would probably be doable depending on the situation.  At the very worst, if you get a replacement pair and aren't going to make use of the 'broken' ones...
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  14. vrenlos

    FS: Shure SE530

    If the above fall through feel free to send a PM my way :)
  15. vrenlos

    FS: Sennheiser IE8s

    Do you happen to have a receipt/proof of purchase on these? I may be interested but I'm wary of all of the fake IE8's out there.
  16. vrenlos

    Help for a stylish -yet good- closed headphones :)

    They're firmly out of the price range you've listed, but I absolutely love the look of the cherry on the ATH-ESW9, for what it's worth.
  17. vrenlos

    Triplefi 10vi - buying advice? (and now fit issues)

    It's really a shame, but I think I'm just going to see if I can swing a sale or trade rather than try buying tips.  If nothing comes along within a week or so maybe I'll change my mind and buy some of the Sony Hybrids.
  18. vrenlos

    Triplefi 10vi - about 2 hours total on them - Have been sent to Ebay

    Hey all,   I bought these just this morning from someone locally that had kept them sealed since the Amazon deal last December.  After a few hours of fiddling, I simply can't get a good seal in my right ear which is shaped completely different from my left.  Having gone through similar...
  19. vrenlos

    Triplefi 10vi - buying advice? (and now fit issues)

    Hey everyone, I've been trolling a bit looking for a new pair of IEMs since some scumbag broke into my house a couple of weeks ago and stole my SE530's.  I've got a local guy from craigslist who's going to sell me a new, sealed Triplefi 10vi for $180, but he seemed to dodge where they came...