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  1. MoonYeol

    ASG-2, CK100Pro, UE900 and FA-4E XB [reviews] - The dysfunctional family

      ASG-2, CK100Pro, UE900 and FA-4E XB - A nice little dysfunctional family After some time listening to the ASG-2 and UE900 I was given the opportunity to try the CK100Pro. Thank you Sweden (no, not the country) for the loaner pair. It's been a blast listening to, and comparing, these three...
  2. MoonYeol

    FS: Sennheiser momentum on-ear BLUE [Free worldwide shipping and fees included in price]

    I have a pair of Sennheiser momentum on-ear in the colour blue. I just bought them on an auction and I don't really know if I even want to keep them. I'd rather buy CK100Pro or FA-4E Xb. They're brand new, never opened. I bought them from a couple who said they were a gift and therefore they...
  3. MoonYeol

    The curse of "higher"-fi / Refuse to use EQ, bass boost, too coloured IEMs. Why am I doing this to myself? +Poll

    So. I started getting into sound a while ago. Bought a couple of iems. Bought more. Bought an E5. Bought an E6. Bought an iFuzen. Then I stopped for a while, listened to what I had, evaluated, stopped going to head-fi on a daily basis. Then my friend asked for my guidance and I was stuck again...
  4. MoonYeol

    Where do I go from here?

    If you don't like reading about personal stuff or getting some background, it's totally fine if you skip this part. BTW, sorry about starting a new thread, just couldn't possibly imagine a thread that would answer what I want to ask (in this particular case).   Hello. I just recently decided...