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    the new discman of panasonic this unit could play mp3 disc
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    a person's collection(photo)
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    Sony D-ej1000 or Panasonic sl-ct790?

    Quote: Originally posted by purk If you are lucky like me.....try to locate the D777 or D-E905 will be your best bet. I second vertigo!!! technics xps-900 sounds much better than d777.we can compare it with sony d555
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    technics xps-900 the best one of panasonic?

    i got the xps-900discman,that's the best unit i had ever heard,some one tell me that 's the best one of that ture?
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    anyone know this discman

    how much and where you got it
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    the photo of--technics xps900

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    the photo of--technics xps900

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    imformation compare(D25,303,777,335,330 ... MZR5ST,E50,E55...)
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    about ej905

    thank you !
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    about ej905

    any one know sony ej-905.i saw it last week at second hand market,looks very nice,cost $50.did it worth the money?and i also found d-515,what about cost $55.
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    which one sounds better

    thanks for all the friends above.
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    which one sounds better

    of couse i have none of it.but i could had same of them easily.because they are cheap and i could find them in many market.but i don't know which one is better to be chosen
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    photos about SONY WM-EX20
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    OMG, very expensive audio player$$$

    i think that getting a better HEADPHONE really improves your music experience than getting a new cd player i agree with a hi-fi systems the speaker should cost more than 50% are bout headphone with discman
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    which discman sounds like sony d-465

    no one had it ?d465
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    the ct790 sounds better than ej1000.

    sorry,maybe i should said ct790+mdr888 sourds better than ej1000.without the headphone,i could not say which one was better .because everyone have different feels.but ct790+888 sounds much better than ej1000 with its own headphone for sure.i could compare them beause ct790+888 and ej1000+its...
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    Sony is a LIAR!

    i agree with Flasken
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    ¸øÀÏÍâ¿´¿´ÎÒµÄJ505MK2£¬what is this?do u like?

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    new panasonic discman:490(photo)
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    the ct790 sounds better than ej1000.

    why don't you buy the ct790.i'think it better than ej1000.but you must change the headphone of ct790 for the other 868, fact,the price panasonic 790+sony 888=sony ej1000,but it sounds better than ej1000 ct790 :<=$110 photo:
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    sony D-EJ1000 IN U.S.A. ?

    three problems: 1.the diode laser may knock the disc when the discman shake.sometimes weak quality disc also be knocked. 2.the cover of battery sometimes ****,so it also hit the disc. 3.when the discman works,it emit big noise. of course not all the ej1000 have this problem.but in...
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    headphone for md

    bh133?pro2?how much
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    Sony D-EJ1000 / Panasonic CT-780S

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    Just got Sony MZ-E900... wow!

    panasonic 220with sony 888 souds better but just cost about $250
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    Is the Sony D-EJ01 worth the $$$?

    777with 888 is better