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  1. Audio-Me

    Ordering a new PC, got any advice?

    Hey g-lo, pm me for advice, I'll tell you about a kick ass custom rig company that's cheap.
  2. Audio-Me

    24 bit CD played on mediocre equipment...

    24bit mastering won't help poor recordings, let alone crappy music...
  3. Audio-Me

    Beer you can't stand. (while still sober anyways)

    The only free beer I will not drink is Corona, any mexican alcohol is evil.
  4. Audio-Me

    E-Mail programs

    I love Opera's browser, but the email sucks. What are some good open source programs that are really small and minimalistic?
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    The perfect affordable amp for the hd600's

    I think the military is stupid, and so are you for even bringing it up. I was originally going to go through ROTC, but I chose to just enlist, I have my reasons, get over it, and don't play this "you are young putz" crap on me, that's so friggin lame. A lot of people recommend stuff they...
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    The perfect affordable amp for the hd600's

    To order, go here: for pics, go here:
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    The perfect affordable amp for the hd600's

    Am I an elitist? I suppose, but I mostly just hate dolts, and the arrow points straight to... Anyway, I've heard both the Melos and MID and thought they sounded awesome. I've talked to enough people who's opinion I respect that's heard the gilmore to give it the benifit of the doubt, not to...
  8. Audio-Me

    The perfect affordable amp for the hd600's

    I normally wouldn't post a blind recommendation because it's stupid, but I feel that it's relevant because the amp that I haven't heard is one that will be my next amp. Based on a friend's honest thoughts on it whom is the only one I trust completely not only because he is one of the few who's...
  9. Audio-Me

    The perfect affordable amp for the hd600's

    I used to own a Supreme, it was a pos. I listened to the recent Cosmic amp as well, and thought it too sucked. I honestly don't like any of HeadRooms amps. Also, keep in mind Tim has one of the weirdest taste of all the people I've talked to... I doubt there are many others like him. Heh...
  10. Audio-Me

    Slummin' in NYC

    We want headamp's Gilmore V2 impressions!
  11. Audio-Me

    Mozart: The Works for Flute 2 disc $12 shipped to US, canada add $2. I accept Paypal only. CD is in near mint condition, I've listened to it maybe twice.
  12. Audio-Me

    Archiving format: RAR

    neil what kind of compression rates does it get for multimedia files?
  13. Audio-Me

    Archiving format: RAR

    neil I don't use linux, Win XP Pro only. Is bzip2 available for windows? Anyway, this is for archiving, I want to make the most efficient use of my disk space for storing ****. I used to use the store option cause my old computer was slower than Biggie's dumb mental thought process.
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    Good computer speakers or 2.1 system?

    That's cause you two listen to the sucky models, you need to try the Planar Media series.
  15. Audio-Me

    Archiving format: RAR

    Why does it take so friggin long to compress at max compression? My new laptop is blazing fast, so why does it still take forever?
  16. Audio-Me

    Amp for the HD-600 / cardas?

    The only three amps I would ever consider are Gilmore Dynamic, Melos SHA-1, and modded McCormack MID.
  17. Audio-Me

    McCormack amps......any users??

    I smell MoO with the same amp in question...
  18. Audio-Me

    stereo or joint stereo?

    I can see using vbr on electronic music, but for acoustic, the thought of js makes me cringe, how would it ever work? I don't think there would be any instances where both channels were the same.
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    Favourite Type of Dog

    Beagle Border collie Black lab
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    Favorite Jazz Musician

    Old Pa, I dislike Monk, even though he was one of Clark's major influences.
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    stereo or joint stereo?

    You know, many people just say what they want to believe, not what they actually hear. I am very distrustful when it comes to peoples findings, they are inately liars and/or completely inaccurate as in most of them can't even acknowledge what they notice anyway let alone register what their ears...
  22. Audio-Me

    Trade: my Beyer250-80 for Grado SR225

    Why do I always get PMs when I post For Trade threads of people asking if they can buy what ever I want to trade. For Trade means just that, I want to TRADE, please read the friggin thread title. It is NOT for sale, I want to trade for the specified headphone in the title.
  23. Audio-Me

    Favorite Jazz Musician

    You can only name one. Out of all my favorites, Sonny Clark holds highest regard for me. His consistancy in swing just astonishes me. I love how relaxed and free flowing he is, when he performs, he walks circles around a melody, unravels then puts it back together, endless fun and enjoyment...
  24. Audio-Me

    what's your favorite music store?

  25. Audio-Me

    stereo or joint stereo?

    I doubt the people at hydrogenaudio have the right "ears" for me to accept as good judgement, especially considering I disregard most of head-fi members hearing. At low bitrates I'm sure it helps, but for quality at 320kbps, the statement that joint stereo is better is absurd to me.